Careful with decay, just decay a 303 hours base

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When raiding a base on official PVP, I check with hammer first and see 303 hours decayed (in red). ???

I decay, and half the base is gone, not he other half attached. I raid the other half :slight_smile: And server has crash 30 minutes later.

I think this can explain may be some bases that disapear before end of decay.


I know mine decayed prematurely.
Worst part is losing T4 crafting thralls, since they are so hard to get anymore. I’ve already rebuilt a bigger, better version of my base, but the thrall hunting grind is annoying AF.
Its funny about half the base decaying, because that is EXACTLY what happened to me. I had a complete wall around my base and only half was gone. Only half my buildings were gone.

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Sometimes these bugs of the game are so painful. Still the decay might have a base here. If your builds wasn’t connected with foundations then it is very possible to happen, still it is not correct, these things must not happen because the frustration you get bring you to the quit decision. Anyway, you said that you loose T4 crafter, if you wish I can point you places that their spawn possibility is very high. The only T4 crafter that their spawn is really random is the smelters , all the others are generally easy to get. Sorry for your loss.

Thank you kindly. I am pretty familiar with the spawn areas, its just the wipe the village and wait for the next spawn method that’s boring. In the few days since my loss, I have already recovered three T4 blacksmiths and two T4 carpenters, but I need armorers, and they seem to be more rare.

The weird thing with the wall is that it was completely connected all the way around my base, but only half was gone. The building I lost was also connected to the wall. I don’t really care, as I said, I had plenty of mats at my other bases to rebuild.

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These armorers…
The fastest gain of named armorers is FIA. Go to the derketo religion camp and after 5 spawns maximum you will get a FIA, unless it is not your day :rofl::rofl::rofl:. Still Sinners refuge is a really good place to farm tier 4 armorers, plus the Asuras choosens. My dear friend @Croms_Faithful is standing to his stove watching @Barnes dancing with 3 female beautiful nord entertainers :wink:. He cooks beautiful and Barnes is always carrying a smile on his face :rofl::rofl::rofl:. Anyway, @Wak4863 has videos for all the possible spawns of all the armorers and i watch him a lot of times, because no matter how many times you farmed the armorers, you always need a little reminding :wink:.



This is why folks who want stored items to decay are missing the point.

But, If I have to replace chests with Improved Preservation Boxes, so be it.

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I’ve seen this once before, on PVE official.

I checked a base with hammer - decayed.
But I didn’t demolish it right away. I moved some of my gear onto the thrall and horse. Turned around… and the base was back to a non-decayed state. With a few days left to go.

If I had tore into that base right away I could have destroyed it. But by giving the server a chance to think about it, it went back to its normal timer. Most peculiar.

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Second account (i have bought the game twice when it was cheap still,

  • check decay on your first account on official.

You’ll soon see decay is a bugged mess.
(f.i.) 1 day is half decay gone on the 1 account. (seen that just before the holidaytimers went active, so recent)

Wanna keep the base dearly, don’t go over two days is my exp. (since 2017 and im checking it with a second account since jan 2020.)

It’s random, no consistency to be detected, try it.

I have video of events but i really, really can’t be bothered with FC anymore.

CE needs you te be very flexible, take the bugs get to know them and live with them or workaround them, its the only way.
Im glad im over that, it was frustrating, as i really love the (Real) CEgame (Exiled lands)
The biggest fans need to go that route to eventually be happy in the game im afraid.

2cts bros

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