Ceiling tiles spanning 5x suddenly collapse after server restart. Replaceable after the fact(integrity is sufficient).?

Game mode: Online
Problem: (Server Crash)
Region: United States server #1725 PVE

Part of my building crumbled for no apparent reason! This particular even destroyed 60 levels worth of gold dust/silver dust/alchemy base RIGHT as I was in the transition to end game tools requiring said materials.

Built a structure, a large cross with arms that span out up to 5 tiles from the main body’s foundation (using diagonal support struts). It is made up of a total of 7 huge blocks (Each 5x5x5.) Five of those blocks high, 3 of those blocks wide at the arms. There is an elevator in it’s shaft. I successfully enclosed it and all was well for several days. Today, for no apparent reason, after the server crashed and restarted, the 5th tiles out on my cross’s arms collapsed and I lost an improved cauldron filled with all sorts of my prized goodies. Considering the difficulty I went through to build the cross, and the fact that they collapsed (without a purge) a week later… is very frustrating. The whole building is contingent on it being cubed, if I can not safely build the arms out to that length (5 span with support) I want to know.

Please tell me your intention in regards to structural limits. Is there a decay feature related to low integrity? Or did some of the supports load in after the main structure after the server restart? Why did it happen this time, and not the others? I have a great deal of patience, but this is not fun.

Few facts. Happened(?) about 15 minutes after server restart, I saw the building pieces falling as I approached the structure. of the ceiling tiles making up the 5th row floor of each cross arm. One arm lost all 5 floor pieces, while the other cross arm lost only 4 across, maintaining a single 5 span ceiling segment. Of course all of the pieces above these collapsed, mostly, and I lost several benches/chests/whatever.

Upon attempt, I was able to re-place a ceiling tile in the 5 span gap, showing that support/integrity was sufficient atm. I will try to rebuild it, but was too frustrated and wanted to post this first.


Steps on how to reproduce issue: