Century Egg Food? Or Troll device?

Does this thing have another purpose other than giving them to noobs when the bag for food at noon river?

They are a thing.

As an italian I can only say to the world:
“Guys you really cannot cook!” :slight_smile:

(I love all kind of food from around the world, but simply none can’t compare to our… surely not… these!)

It’s certainly one of those foods that make you wonder what the first guy to try it was thinking. Was he forced to do it? Was he starving? Did somebody trick him into eating it? Was alcohol involved? Was he just a moron? :thinking:

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Do not know, sometime is funny to guess where something started from…
From what I know in Iceland people eats shark buried in the sand and left to “rot”.
After , I think, 2/3 months they dig it out at eat as it is (no cooking involved)::
As mad as I think it is, I suppose that when they started doing such a thing they had not many resources in storage or similar so they found out that “raw-buried-shark” can be eaten to survive.

Maybe these eggs worked into a similar story…

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Same ammonia flavor as well. Although the decayed shark video I watched had it all done in a warehouse with the shark hanging from meat hooks and left to rot. If scientists have linked bitter black coffee drinkers to likely being psychotic due to the humans natural reaction to NOT ingest anything bitter because of the likelihood of poison. What can be said about people that ingest food that smells and tastes like ammonia? People are insane lol.

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when we are here about eggs, this is eaten in philipines…

But with Easter being here. I thought eggs could be appropriate. These however give you food poisoning

I used to think it was funny that when I caved in a Nord’s head they often carried these things. Like “man they’re so tough they eat this junk.” Then I got to valuing the Eat Anything Survival Perk.

People say the game doesn’t have a story, or a guide, but I think this is part of one or the other of them. Easter Egg indeed, @Hexsing.

I have been dropping them and egg surprise in noob river. Like an evil scavenger hunt


Whats sick is the only difference between this egg and a hard boiled egg is a week. And the bird of choice but a week sooner and it just be white and yoke inside. Still like my hardboiled eggs though. Got 4 dozen being pickled right now. :slight_smile:

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