Chapter 3 - Keep the light beams pls

I know, I know…they caused lag, didn’t do anything for content, visual only. I get it, but I liked my base spouting light pillars up into the heavens. It may have been just an asthetic thing for me, but I still liked it. RIP, Vegas lights :cry:

Maybe someone will make a mod to bring 'em back tho :wink:


There is a mod that has beams… dmt maybe? Making a mod to add them back would be super straightforward so maybe an up and comer would take it on.

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Hmmm…we use DMT so I’ll have to look around in there and see what I can find. Haven’t seen any beam items yet tho, but it’s a big mod.

I thought about looking into modding at one point, then I remembered I don’t know crap about programming :rofl:

Its a good thing to start with actually because it will involve a few key tables, making a copy of the altar blueprints, and adding the beam particle effect and a recipe to craft them (mostly copy/pasta). It would be an excellent first foray and probably be a tiny mod. It wouldnt involve what I would call “programming” and as you did it, you’d undoubtedly get ideas on how to do all kinds of other things you have always wanted.

I admit, u have piqued my interest. Anywhere to start that u could suggest? And Modding 101 guides?

I find this discussion interesting as it shows that people still like the disco lights. :eyes:

In my experience most players I talk to are pretty annoyed by the beams, even in their own base. It’s true, some players know to create amazing effects with them. (But that’s the minority, at least on PvP and PvE-C servers.) At some point the sight of yet another plain base with six light pillars reaching to the sky gets boring.
I’d prefer my shrines without the light beams and would appreciate them to have some distinct local effects to match their deity. So I’m with KamikazeHamster on this. :heartpulse:



I whould like to keep the beams also. Couldn’t they just make the event beams a different color, white or somthing? I like running around at night and seeing them it gives life to the map,kinda like Vagas, lol


Dropbox - - Simplify your life?

Yes! The above link is maintained by Rob and has a bunch of self contained files for doing various things.

Also here:


Awesome! Thank you so much! Now, let the fun begin :smiling_imp:

Have their visibility as an option in the options menu, for both altar and event beams.

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What pull on server performance are you talking about?


There you go talking about server performance again. Since you’re so convinced the beams are bad for server performance – to the point of telling everyone to “get over it” – you should be able to explain why, right? I’m all ears.


I’d like to see some actual proof of their impact on performance. PvP long-time player here.

As for particle effects? Look up at the never-ending sun on the new Public Beta. Plus cloud occlusion.


I inquired with Testerle if he thought the light beams contributed to lowered server performance and he said that the minimum distance requirement between altars is so large that, even if their particle effects are far worse than torches, they would probably have no significant effect.

This seems like a very valid point. Without even going out of your way to make a laggy base, you could easily wind up putting dozens of torches within a single altar’s area of influence.

Funcom never said or implied server performance was a reason to remove them, only that they would mislead with their new intention to have beams guide people to active events. This idea of performance seems to have been fabricated from nothing.


Just for context, this matter was discussed at 24:15 of the Chapter 3 preview stream. Conan Exiles: Age of Sorcery Chapter 3 preview! - YouTube

“We have removed some other beams from the game, that you might see as you know decorative skylights of sorts um. So that when we have events like this, it really stands out that there is something happening that draws your attention.”


“You can see this from really far back, even from the starting desert you will see this on the horizon.”


Until they say otherwise I think we should just take at face value this as the reason for the change. Personally I never liked the beams and I do think they contribute to overbuilding on official servers, but the notion that the lighting effects caused significant lag would need to be substantiated.


Yup, pretty much this :point_up_2:

Also pointed it out myself above :stuck_out_tongue:

As such, I highly doubt that after this event “things will be back to normal” as some said above :slight_smile:

Funcom be like:
Bat Signal GIFs | Tenor


On ps4, the large animation beams that stretch to the sky do cause issues when there’s several in an area, coupled with the rest of the animations… torches, thralls, etc. it’s one less thing to worry about. They served zero purpose other than to “look cool.” Most people aren’t thinking too much about consoles when they demand certain things. They’re not as bad as the animations for transport stones, but they do take their toll. I’ve had people on official servers actually talk about giving bases with several shrines a wide birth when traversing the land. One person even built a bridge to cross the water to avoid going by someone’s base when they were doing some heavy material farming. So yeah, they’re pretty costly. I personally don’t have much issue with them on the ps5, but I’m not gonna discount the players that are shafted on ps4.


If a base is large enough to have several of them, it is probably the large base more than the beams themselves.


Which means it has nothing to do with server performance. You’re talking about client performance.


I personally don’t care about the beams, i ain’t going to miss them. But i will stand on the side of my fellow exiles who want them back.
So please consider the ones who will miss them, we all like different things in this game, but sometimes, somethings that’s seem silly to many, for some people are important. These “silly” things were a huge reason for bonding so deeply to this game!
For this reason, please consider to bring the beams back, thank you!


Funcom has stated previously that official servers are neither the majority of the player base, nor for that matter how they intended the game to be played long-term. And I feel that the rest of the playerbase should not have to do without because a handful of players on officials cannot conduct themselves responsibly. We can not keep endlessly and indiscriminately chopping out parts of the game because a subset of players on officials misuse them.

Which leads me to this point. As far as “Texas sized bases” go, submit a report for landclaim abuse. But it is neither a fair or reasonable comparison, and we should not be attempting to conflate that with a shrine light.