Character Sleep

In Solo mode, add Sleeping and Wait Time just like in the Elder Scrolls series like Skyrim. It will give us a sense of realness. Whenever we invite Co-op players, allow us to have the option to turn it off.

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You can more or less simulate it with the admin panel, though obviously it’s a bit cumbersome, and I suppose immersion-breaking.

The Elder Scrolls should be immersion breaking. Hell let’s not sleep in real life. Lmao

Think before you post. I said using the admin panel to simulate this functionality could be immersion breaking.

What would this Sleep Time achieve? Do you mean “fast forwarding” the game while we’re waiting for e.g. sun to rise in the morning, or our blacksmith to finish making 700 steel reinforcements, etc.? Sure, it’d be great to cut the amount of time required to stand still waiting.

Of course, we could also just lie down and pretend to sleep, go get a cup of coffee in real life in the meantime, maybe read a newspaper, etc. while our character’s “asleep”.

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I think before I post. You think before you comment and no it is not immersion breaking in solo mode.
In multiplayer yes but not in solo mode. I will repeat myself again: “Other games do so and so we do in real life” <------not immersion breaking.

If it speeds up crafting so be it. Besides all that munching on food just to heal, sleeping can also help a player restore its health.

Then read before you post. He said one way to do it right now is to use Admin panel. But then acknowledged that process would break immersion. not the sleep idea in and of itself.

As for what it accomplishes, yes typically games use sleep to fast forward game so to speak. If waiting for crafting materials/spawn timers is the main reason behind it, then you can on admin command set the server for insta-craft/faster spawn rates, or however long you like.

If it is not to achieve the fast forward effect and one wants to watch their toon literally sleep in real time (to each their own), then i think it would be a waste of dev resources to put it in the game.


No it wouldn’t. Not everybody wants to use the Admin panel either.

Could sleep or rest allow for healing of you were in a safe area?

I don’t see a need for it. But sleep healing could depend on the bed you have.

I dunno

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See? Hexsing makes a great idea. Maybe not for day and night concept but healing I can definitely see.

Well a mod could actually pull that off regardless if it was solo or in multiplayer considering the fact that Pvp, Pve, and Pve-Conflict servers have different play rules.

Sleep healing is a great idea.

Seriously, I second this; I LOVE my toon, I’d like to see her do stuff, that makes her feel alive. - Let’s have it; sleeping: she lies on the bed, in the tent during sandstorms, or simply where she is.- Someone rings, you wanna “tug her in”; let them do it? - Face it; this game is “A grown man’s DIY-dollhouse”. Let us play with dolls. Case closed.

[Edit] - And no, it shouldn’t necessarily DO anything (save for maybe, as someone suggested, speeding up nights on singleplayer), but for IMMERSION, it’s absolutely important.

Further, speaking of it; I’d like to see the whole immersion element taken a lot further; press “E” on her, and a wheel shows up, with Emotes, you can make her do: bathing in the water, stretching after a long run, sleeping, as mentioned, dance maybe, sharpen her knives (it doesn’t have to be consistent with actual stuff happening in the game, it can just be a way to roleplay the toon, giving her life.)

And no, I don’t see a need for her to take a sh*t or wee, unless it’s something you wanna enable somewhere far away from general user controls, and certainly not available by default.

Anywho, for immersion, this thing is a definite go.

Yup even Skammn agrees with me.

Welcome to the game and the forums … there are a variety of emotes in the game that you can discover and learn which can do some of the things you wish your character to perform.
Some are short as it wouldn’t make sense for them to be looped endlessly… others continue to play until you interrupt them with another action.

Not wanting to introduce spoilers here so keeping things very vague emotes get put into various categories such as “Greet”, “Flirt”, … if you want to find specific ones or don’t care too much about spoilers then check out the excellent Conan exiles wiki that players have created and maintain:

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