Character stuck in big animals' heads

Sorry, if this topic is already exists, but I didn’t find one. If I attack animals like rhino, bull from their face or sand reaper hive queen from behind with short distance weapons (like daggers or katana) my character get inside their model and stuck in their heads/necks and to get out from there I have to hysterically press jump and pray not to be killed while I’m trying to get out from there. I already can’t count how many times I was dead or almost dead because of this bug. I faced this issue at the beginning of this year, when started to play Conan Exiles, and see that this issue is still not fixed. Is it going to be fixed at all or only me encountered it?

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While personally I think it would be laughable to imagine IRL someone trying to kill a rhino with a small dagger (it would get stuck in its hide and the animal would kill you as it can run 40km/h in a sprint no human would be able to outrun), but still, that situation in game happened to me once.

Agree, but in this game daggers makes very good bleed damage. I was not strong enough to face rhino 1 on 1 just by force, and I had very poor armor, but I was leveling and in very need of thick leather. So I used simple and cunning tactic - apply bleed on rhino and jump back, repeat. But as soon as I finished my combo I was stuck in rhino itself which already prepared to run and knock me out. The same with bulls. And yesterday I made combo hits using katana on sand reaper queen, stuck in her and at the same moment she spited poison and killed me.

Hey there,

We’re aware of this issue and our team is looking into it.
Thanks for your feedback.

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