Charcoal Kiln - how to make it work?

Was anyone able to use it. It says it uses a special kind of bricked coal as fuel, but me and my clanmates were not able to figure out how to make those.

Better question. What feast do I make? I have tried Lasting, Pork, Ymir, Set, and nothing gets the Journey step. I was using an improved stove. Is it the regular stove?

I dont remember which one I did, but i am certain that hearty feast doesnt work. I think it was one that uses fish, but i am not sure

The exotic feast works.


OK, I built the kiln, and I found the recipe for the coal on the Alchemy bench. It takes 1 coal and 1 tar to make the special fuel which is called…coal. But, it does have the exact same icon and description, so there’s no way to confuse the two.

COME ON PEOPLE! Call it charcoal at least.


File a bug report on the misnomer.

Done. I don’t care about making a special fuel, but it does need a unique name.

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They should at least put that in the step description. It worked just fine.

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that does not make sense, since charcoal in most games is made by burning wood, even in Ark.

if it was intended to be charcoal all fc has to do is add the recipe to the furnaces as a byproduct if wood is used as fuel.

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Infused coal would be better i guess!

what is it? new furnace and fuel? didint noticed it, is it from hte new jorney?

Master Chef gets you the new mini Kiln. It takes the place of a campfire, because you can cook meat or gruel. You can also smelt ore, but in smaller amounts. The fuel is made on the Alchemy Bench from coal and tar.

Charcoal, Coal Bricks, Briquettes, I don’t care. But you can’t tell them apart unless you put them in the small kiln

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is it reward for journey step?

Master Chef. When you get to the last step, make the Exotic Feast, h/t @Wak4863

i will try today, thank you ; )

I made the charcoal fuel. It is called “charcoal” afterwards, but din’t test it yet. I will put a kiln in a foward base that can benefit of its small footprint and see how it goes

What platform are you on? This morning, at 6:30 am EDT, it was coal. I put in a bug report later in the morning.

Charcoal IS made of wood. Charcoal is made by burning wood until the fire consume all the oxigen and extinguish for it, leaving almost only charred carbon. It is specially famous in Asia, in which people have used charcoal due to a large part of it not having coal mines during ancient times.

And yes, a IRL kiln would be a place to make charcoal, but actually it is made by using a normal furnace and using a metal drum with small roles inside another bigger metal drum closed. A “McGiver” Kiln.

But in game there is no asset “charcoal”. I looked for it before puting it in my mod.

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The in-game charcoal is not traditional wood charcoal, it is actually pressed charcoal briquettes. These are made by using a press to compact coal dust together with pitch as a binder to form a brick.

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