Check me here: is this the order Siptah is meant to be played?

  1. If you’re a noob and not joining an existing, built-out clan, start on one of the noob beaches, near squares C7 or O7. Run around just long enough to pick up some sticks, rocks, and fiber to make yourself a stone sword or club, a stone pick and a hatchet, a water skin, and maybe a campfire and some cooked feral flesh. Maybe those last two; they’re skippable and you can get by on handfuls of insects until step 2.

  2. Run to the noob river for your side of the map: E8 to E10 in the west, O10 to L8 in the east. Find a spot near the river with a cliffside near enough to have at least some iron and at least some coal. Put down a small house and enough crafting stations to get yourself into medium armor and iron weapons. Put down a separate 4x4 foundation nearby and built your Lesser Wheel of Pain, plus a basic bludgeon, or put down an even bigger foundation and a basic animal pen. If the former, farm wild surges until you capture and “recruit” a tier 2 or better fighter, equip them with at least medium armor and iron weapons. If the latter, scour your side of the map for a not-useless baby animal. Either way, level them up a couple of times on local wildlife.

  3. Either move up onto the plateaus or move north. Start building a somewhat more permanent base; think really hard about befriending 3-10 people and start a clan, because everything after this step gets easier with a group of people who log on together. Rush to at least level 40ish for yourself, level 20 for your best thrall, and hardened steel weapons and tools.

  4. Move your whole clan to a new castle or fort somewhere on the edge of the maelstrom zone. roughly column F in the west or column K in the east. Get everybody in the clan at least one horse, push to level 60 and epic normal gear. Your armor needs to be Epic Vanir Fur or Epic Vanir Heavy. PVP note: If you’re on a PVP or PVE-C server, you can fight other players before this point, and other players including ones in much better gear can farm you mercilessly. But this is the point where it starts being possible that you have good enough gear/thralls to be worth stealing. I get the impression that the people in column F are supposed to gang up on the people in column K, or something like that; this is (if I’m right) where the “real” PvP game “starts”?

  5. If log in solo or duo and need something to do, go farm either X’chotl (west) or New Luxor (east). Bosses there sometimes drop useful loot. But mostly you’re just killing time. Or, y’know, decorate your castle more.

  6. Any time you have 3 or more people on, start finding Elder Vaults (dungeons) that nobody else is currently raiding, ride there, and take your group inside. Clear the vault. If you have time, clear another vault. Repeat until you have enough ??? (no, really, that’s what it’s called so far) for the next step. You might also get some other gear. You might also get Sigils, but you don’t need them yet, hang onto them.

  7. Once your clan has enough ???, use it to farm the Leyshrines for the crafting thralls you need to make exceptional or flawless epic Vanir Fur / Vanir Heavy armor and exceptional or flawless epic weapons (if you haven’t farmed enough legendary weapons while thrall farming; you probably will).

  8. Now farm the Maelstrom during storm events for even more gear, even more end-game mats, rare recipes, and yet more currency for leyshrine farming. Use your sigils to get the damage boosts you need to kill maelstrom NPCs before they kill you. Also, if you’re still short on legendary weapons, I think Maelstrom mobs drop mats you need to craft legendaries yourself.

  9. Whatever comes after that, I have no idea. From talking to Valeria, I suspect that there’s a not-yet-implemented really hard raid on Siptah’s tower? Don’t know. Hopefully there’s at least some reason to keep playing.

Do I have the gist of it?

(P.S. Yes, I said only Vanir Fur/Vanir Heavy. All of the endgame zones are Cold, and you will need the extra warmth. Also, I forgot to mention it, but step 5 or 6 on you’re going to need a stove to make spiced meat and mulled brew, or some other warming food/beverage.)

It doesn’t work that way anymore, regarding temperature.

You can wear any heavy armour you want and survive cold temperatures. Also survival gives cold / heat resistance. Quite substantially so. The Vanir is also under the armour class of every other epic armour set in its class, that is a bug. (I reported various armor inconsistencies like that hopefully they will address it eventually.)

Don’t need the stove either… See same reason as above.

Elder Vaults are not group content and they don’t drop ???. You need them for decayed eldarium.

Elder Vaults are solo content and anyone can clear them easily in standard gear. They are not very long either, so it’s not as much of a grind. But the chests are on a timer so you can’t do the same one over and over.

You need to go into the Maelstrom and kill creatures that spawn there in order to obtain ???. Feed that into the leystrines after you pick a pedestal with decayed eldarium. You need 1000 chaos for the highest tier surge.

Also, you are missing out on some Siptah specific feats - I won’t spoil it for you, but check out the leyshrines and see what lore you can find there. :slight_smile:

I play solo and started on a ridge on the south coast. I’ve cleared multiple vaults with little trouble using my bear Herbert, I’ve summoned multiple shrines on my own, unlocked a few legendary axes, etc.

The game is much easier if you follow the move inward path, but I was new to the map and I like being near a body of water so it’s whatever. The endgame content is definitely team oriented but it’s still fun solo. Oh and I play PvE-C. It’s a dangerous place during PvP hours.

No, I wouldn’t say that’s the why it’s meant to be played, but it’s not far off. Here’s my personal steps to playing Siptah.

  1. Find a PvE/PvE-C server
  2. Play solo for a bit until you learn Siptah is not solo-friendly. Find a group of like-minded individuals and clan up.
  3. Grind, gather, build. Split up and do vaults. Gather decaying eldarium. Horde it like everything else.
  4. Posse up like a gang of cowboys and head into the Maelstrom, gathering different tiers of “confusion” used to power leyshrines or take turns soloing the Maelstrom by amassing elders in one spot and killing both brain cells and server framerate
  5. Meet up at a leyshrine spot to do a calamity surge (almost said purge) which is the only useful tier. Play a game of dice to get actually useful T4s.
  6. Learn that there isn’t anything better or fun to do in Siptah right now, as it’s a buggy and unfinished mess.
  7. Get off Siptah, head back to EL.
  8. Load it with mods, like Age of Calamitous, Endgame Extended Weapon Arsenal, Warrior Mutator, Better Thralls, etc (for those that already have, put them on Siptah instead)
  9. Have an endless amount of content that you’ll find yourself never truly beating or reaching the end of.

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