Chest content seems to respawn very fast in the Volary of Jihil vault

Game mode: *Online private *
*Type of issue: Bug *
Server type: * PvE *
Region: EU
Mods?: * Yes *

Bug Description:

The content of the chests in the Volary of Jihil (Isle of Siptah) vault seem to refresh very fast. We were running for a few minutes around the 2 rooms connected with stairs in which the final boss is and the chest in the lower room has 2 times respawned items. Both times i took only one stack from the chest, and upon looking a agian in a few minutes another stack of items appeared decaying eldarium and gold

Expected Behavior:

The chests content refresh after a much longer period of time or even only after reentering the vault.

Installed Mods:

Arena Pier
Less building placement Restrictions
LBPR additional features
LBPR fish and shell trap bug fix
Immersive armor
Emotes for Thralls
Dudes Delightful Decorations
Northern Timber
Shadows of Skelos Vol. 2
Shadow of Skelos Extended
Hosav’s Custom UI Mod
Plant Nursery lite
Deco FTW Rock Hard
Dangerous Exile AHDS : Alternative health and death system
Building Shortcut Bar v1.4.6

Steps to Reproduce:

Reach the final 3 connected by stairs rooms area in the Volary of Jihil vault (you must climb/jump the stack of cages to get there). Go to the middle room with statues, there is a chest there. Take a stack of items from this chest, close it and move to another room, come back in 1-2 minutes, open the chest, another random stack of items should be respawned.

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