Choosing sides - Omni or Clan (1999 poll)

I found this poll from 1999 (omg that’s 20 years ago :open_mouth: ), in which Funcom asks which side people would choose. Some of the statements are pretty interesting, like associating sneaking and subterfuge with Omni. Anyway I thought it was cool enough to share :wink:

I agree to these points, So I think Omni-Tek® is my turf. I agree with this side. I choose the Clans.
I like to get the best equipment cheap. I don’t mind adventuring to get OK equipment, even if it isn’t always as good as Omni-Tek’s.
I’d like to become more powerful without investing too much time. It’s OK to spend more time training and learning. Knowledge easily earned isn’t real knowledge.
I don’t like discussing things, just do it! I think Freedom and Democracy are important principles.
I don’t mind being bossed around a bit, as long as I know I get to order others later. I only want to do things I feel like doing, and believe in. I don’t want to force others into doing stuff they don’t believe in either.
I like cool uniforms. I want to wear whatever I like.
I think the Dark side sounds cooler than the sissy do-gooders. I would never go with the Dark side. You’ve got to value something, or what’s the point?
This is just a game, I don’t care if I do stuff I wouldn’t condone in real life. I can tell the difference between make-believe and a story. It doesn’t feel right being bad, even in a game.
I have played the Light side in every game conflict for years. A change wouldn’t hurt. I play the side of Light. That is who I am.
I like sneaking and subterfuge. I like being heroic and righteous.
I would like to be part of a more elitist organization. I don’t mind belonging to something that is for everyone.
Why crowd with mediocrity, when you can mingle with the best? I believe in helping others, and fighting for your fellow man.
I don’t mind others thinking I will lose in the end, as long as I believe we will win. I know in the end, Good ALWAYS wins.

I really miss the omni/clan hate that the game had back in the days, I never did RP but that sure stuck with me.

I played Clan because I preferred the Tatooine graphic aspect of Tir compared to the Blade Runner-Hong Kong feel of Rome and Trade. That’s it, it wasn’t a complicated social/political choice for me. I never really bought the Omni-Capitalists are dark and evil while the Clan Marxist-Collectivists are happy-go-lucky terrorist good guys. It just didn’t mean anything to me in that way. They were just competing factions set within the game.

And if people have forgotten? Early in the game there was a huge Clan inspired terrorist attack in Omni Trade followed by an planet-wide amnesty allowing Clan/Omni travel through Omni/Clan territory without risk of being killed by guards - which kinda negated the angsty-social conflict impact of the two factions.

I did like the original level 75-200 pvp rule set. It made life dangerous and tense, an aspect of the game which could not be replicated in any other way.