Clan blocking obs

Me an my clan was banned for 14 days for building around the jungle obelisk.

After the ban, all fighting thralls was taken away, and all doors. But the building itself stood…

Did you get that specific reason (that it was ban for obs blocking)?

And was it Official PVP or PVE(-C)?

Also, since this topic pops up all the time it would be nice with some official confirmation (after all a random post on the forum isn’t really proof)

@Ignasi is obs blocking illegal or not?

In the conversation i had it was stated it was because of that, and we had aparently a building (not spam) so a boss despawned on the island in jungle. So it was probably a combo

But the problem whit that is that people will exploit that system just to teleport home whit loot (from raids in pvp or farming in general).

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Its a big diferans if the build is to block or to keep it open. Some times you need to build a block so the bad clan cant blok the pass!

To prevent this on spec pve server is to extend and link together the none build areas, spec when they are close together.

Best is to build a free map near the obelisk, with T3 foundations. Then no more blocking.


Yes that to. But was thinking on important paths in general. not only obelisks that are blocked.

One of the intricacies is folks storming into the forum to report private servers and demanding Funcom DO SOMETHING!

Another is mod and mod updates and the demand that funcom test their development against popular mods and, when that does not happen, having folks storm the forums demanding Funcom DO SOMETHING!

I have lost count of the number of posts dealing with modded servers that blame Funcom for mod issues.

I will happily lay at Funcom’s feet their missteps and mistakes. I have no sympathy for a private server population declaring that Funcom owes them something because their private server is having issues.


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