Clan system. Leadership. Appeal

Today I want to raise the issue of the clan system. Namely, the transfer of the leader. It has been a long time since the release. Much has been improved, much good has been spoiled, but the clan system has not been changed. As she looked like a student’s project, she remained.
Very often I talked with players who, starting to play, enter into some kind of clan, leader disappears after a while. A leader may be just new player. Our rookie continues to play and spend months developing. I mean construction projects. Then comes the desire to accept someone or unite with another clan. Many simply leave the clan in the hope that its buildings will remain with it. But then they are disappointed and quit playing. I am talking about real examples that I saw throughout the existence of Conan. And every time I thought, is it really that difficult? Maybe the developers are not aware of the problem? But on the forum, I discovered new topics with the same question. Every time I thought: “Well, they know about the problem, soon they will do something.” Nothing. Apparently this is not a necessary thing in their opinion.
And then this question again touched me. And once again, I saw the players quit the game, because they can not do anything for a cooperative game. Or they just have less time. Infrastructure is collapsing.

I have been playing on one official server for the third year already. I built quite large and good buildings. And here is what I suggest.

To the purpose.

I believe that all reasonable people understand the need to change the system of rights in the clan. A lot of things need to be changed radically. As a person familiar with programming, I understand that this is a global work. But you can make corrections quickly and that’s what I suggest.

We have a demolition system for buildings. There is a system for removing slaves. Thus, we have the loss of all virtual property after 2 weeks maximum (+/- day). According to my observations, people who go on a “break” come back in 1-1.5 months. Thus, it is possible to determine sufficient time = 2 or 3 months of inactivity (this is with a large margin, five weeks is enough).
Also, there is a system that determines the activity on the server (removal of slaves).

In the end, I see this system working like this. Operation Conditions:
Get player variables with minimal inactivity and leader.
IF the clan has more than 1 player. & IF the player is the head of the clan. & IF the leader’s inactivity time is greater than or equal (>=) to 2–3 months. & IF the leader’s inactivity time is longer than the player (with minimal inactivity), then exclude the leader from the clan or simply transfer the leadership to this player. Do a check and start during the server restart period.

This is the most primitive algorithm that will fix the problem. It can be improved by voting to avoid some more uncertainties. For example, if the clan has an odd number of active players (not counting the leader) who have visited during the week at least once, then vote (taking into account the primitive algorithm).

P.S. In order not to produce more topics, also think about this. Why is it not possible to apply for joining a clan? Either on any block, or through a special plate that the clan would build.

I will be glad to see your suggestions (constructive) and thoughts on this issue. Even more, I will be glad of an adequate administration response. Maybe if you will not pass in silence, we will be able to change something.
All good and good mood. Thank you for your attention.

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