Clarification on the locations to build

Don’t build anywhere. We were just trying to protect our base by building since we don’t have the manpower to defend against attacks and we got suspended for land claim abuse. We are completely aware of the rules, we didn’t block any resources, game content or anything like that. We didn’t build huge rows of foundations like so many other clans. Our structures din’t reach far from our base but still, suspended. Someone probably reported us just because they wanted to build there. Funcom should get their act together with these penalties.


So someone with a …at the minimum, Funcom representation makes a claim, we agree they dont represent Funcom, and make a personal reply…with the same value as yours or mine. No comment on that? Mmkay. Kinda makes every reply of yours off topic then.

Sure, and those people with ties to Funcom, including their forum moderators should likely be on the same page as Funcom employees and their rules no? Come on.

Who literally gives a sh*t if I misrepresented someones forum tag? People who arent perfectionists or 100% regulars in the forums may miss small details, but the point stands in the forums. Associates of Funcom should likely be on the same page as employees, or representatives.

Literally no one asked for this. No one. Find a post from a Conan player that asked for forum revamps to make it clearer. Ill wait, Was it one person from the 1 million Conan accounts? Failed point for a failed argument.

F*ck yeah. Wait, let me clarify. Now? No. Two years ago, yes. Would I volunteer to be a middleman to help the communication lines between Funcom and the forums? Absolutely. Games I love to play, I would love to invest time and money into to see it do well. To simply volunteer to shut down threads that bash Funcoms horrible stance, or their terrible communication, heck anyone would do. And, their opinion’s mean as little as yours or mine.

Curious that you still avoided the point of my OP. Calling it a strawman is weak, use that perfectionism to the extreme.

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nope. bexcause I dont have data to compare this “majority” against. the most angry are the most loud.

I love how the only people who defend the way funcom has been taking actions against their own community are those tied to the Team. And of course, if those are getting pwned in a discussion their friend moderator pops in and locks the topic away. Shall we bring this debate to Reddit instead? They won’t be able to censorship things there.

Yup threads getting closed, no responses and just a hand wave by mod staff.

I got accused of calling Funcom racist in the newly shut down one.

As an aside on that point : I am saying it is racist to have building rules not available in game but on a Forum whose primary langue is English. Not providing building rules to other players in their native language is racist. Just because somebody thoughtlessly performs a racist act doesn’t mean they are a racist. Same with sexist behavior as well. We all fail on these marks that doesn’t make us a dyed in the wool whatever/ist we are just human and we must call that behavior out when we see it. I am calling it out.

Eh taking it to Reddit would make me have to use … reddit… ewww.

I would prefer to engage in a productive discussion with Funcom representatives on their own turf.

If you have any additional question regarding the status of your own account, please feel free to reach out to their team over on Zendesk as they will be able to provide you with the inforamtion.

As for the official servers rules, you can check them our here:

Also feel free to check out this post on abusive land claim:

They are always working on improving and adding even more clarity to the rules so please keep an eye out for that.

Of 14 newer topics, 4 of them are related to this issue.
People afraid of getting banned or people arguing about this funcom policy.
So if you still want to ignore it and think everything is fine, ok.
Do you play on officials? pvp, pve-c or pve? if so, what server do you play?
Didn’t you see anything weird happening there?

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You really don’t understand how this works, do you? This isn’t Reddit, or any other kind of public forum. When you’re a volunteer moderator on a forum owned by a company, that means that you somehow got in touch with that company and offered to shoulder this responsibility for free – because you want to help the community thrive, believe that most humans are okay, and don’t mind wading through endless crap – and they thought you were okay and gave you the “job”.

Except it’s not the job. And the only perks you can expect is to have a badge next to your name, an outline around your posts, the access to buttons and links most of us don’t have, and the gratitude of people in the community who appreciate you.

Anything else is optional. You don’t automagically get to be the best buddies with the key people in the company. There’s no United Nations Charter for Volunteer Forum Moderators that says that a company has to invite you to their meetings about whatever it is they do. All you get is to hang around the forums and try to make things less bad with the few tools you have.

It’s not about misrepresenting the tag, it’s what you did with that. “No wonder people are skeptical, even Funcom staff aren’t on the same page.”

You’re the one who keeps making a big deal about how someone posted with a fancy border and a badge, and how people will misunderstand that. You’re the one still making assumptions about how that fancy border and a badge mean more than what they do.

So the point stands: if it’s so confusing that you still don’t get it, shouldn’t we ask them to clarify it?


WTF dude? You should listen to everyone! Especially someone so very involved in the forums here and who likely reads more information about the game than any 3 or 4 of us put together.

Are you just having a bad day or something? Chill… We love our Cattibria - who does a hellava good job and knows a lot of shirt!

Most of us want to encourage moderator participation here BTW! You’re NOT helping!


Ahh, so new posts then. I have 100 good things i would like to talk about on this forum. Time to spam new threads then with good job FC.

Yes, I am a volunteer. Yes, there are things I am privy to that I cannot publicly say anything about until Funcom officially says something about it. To be very honest, I was asked by Funcom if I would like to moderate the Forums when the game was in Early Access. This gives me something to do since I was forced into an early retirement by my disabilities from military service.


This 4 topics were created by different people.

AND the “ban/suspesion shouldn’t be so easy” topic has:
1.300 views // 373 replies

all the other 13 posts together sums up:
2.184 views AND INCREDIBLE 297 replies

ehh… i really think this discussion is not relevant and funcom is doing a great job along with the amazing and caring Zendesk. yeah. i think you are right.

OWW. and there was my topic too that was closed AND unlisted:

alone it had 69 replies and 187 views with a few hours of life. ^^


so @ 90% on those 2 topics could careless about actually commenting in this mega issue? And of the 10% replied, how many are saying the issue is overblown? So lets say half and half because of back and forths. So 5% of the post are actually calling it a a major issue, maening 95% dont think the issue is as severe as the 5% do.

My point is not negative towards any moderator in particular, its merely that these moderators should be on the same page as Funcom. If you re-read my first post, I say how it can be confusing and cause skepticism, people who arent regulars on the forum or game, see moderators or Funcom employees replying and getting a different answer from each one.

And, yes, in cases like this when it involves specific rules, if its not an answer from Funcom, it carries the same weight as what your answer or mine would be.

Perfect! And if they volunteer to be a moderator, then they should be on the same page as Funcom when it comes to the rules…or else…it can cause confusion and lead to skepticism. Since they are volunteers, aka dedicated members of the community, their interpretations of the rules carries the same weight as what your or my interpretations are.

Its really that simple.

Seems to me that Im on topic, and you are the one that is derailing with stuff that doesnt matter. This whole back and forth could have been avoided if you simply talked about my point - Moderators opinions on the rules carry no more weight then and forum member, and should not be taken as legitimate rules. Not trying to pick apart every line because of a few wrong words.

Kinda like what the OP did, asking Funcom for clarification? Like its been done several times? Like when the posters get no official response?

And thats all good. And Im not bashing you in any way, shape or form for the job you do. But when someone wants Funcom to clarify grey areas in rules, sorry, but I could give advice and have it mean as much as yours.

Unless of course, you speak to someone in Funcom and get a quote from them…or if they reply on their own.

I’ve known this great cat for some time now, and almost always when he couches things it’s because there’s potentially an incoming change. Couple that with his talk of things he’s privy to, and it might indicate that while the situation exists as he describes it, with AoS there might be changes. Thus, please be flexible and mind the dust.


You shouldn’t be negative about them in general either.

Well, since FC themselves is very nonspecific and using very generalized forms of the English language I guess I would want to know what that “same page” actually is.

Mmm, you’ll have to prove that one. Besides a single mistake quite awhile back I have never seen this happen. Moderators here do not usually opine but rather only direct: Go here for that, See this for info on that, Don’t do X, Y, or Z on the forums please, Keep it civil, etc. etc. etc.

I wish and I know a lot of us here also wish, that the moderators would opine on game related subjects a lot more than they currently do!

And just like I said, that is weight you should listen to. Especially if you have ever received a ban or haven’t deeply investigated the particulars of a lot of other cases presented here - like so many of us including the Mods, have done.

But mostly what you said is just plain rude - intended or not. It was just one step away from reading like some child had written:
“I don’t have to listen to you! YOU’RE NOT MY MOM!!!” :eyes:

It’s kind of a rule after all: If you don’t know, ask, listen, be patient, and learn.

Like hell you could!!! I’m familiar with your posts here. Dude, If I were you I would just stop. Seriously!

Why? They volunteered to moderate forums, not servers. Why does that mean they should be on the same page as Funcom? Indeed, why should it imply anything beyond being trusted to enforce the forum rules and guidelines?

That’s what I keep saying: in general, there is no reason why anyone should assume that a volunter forum moderator’s interpretation of the server rules should be taken more seriously than yours or mine, at least not because they are a volunteer forum moderator. Maybe @Cattibria is a special case, but we have no way of knowing that until they say so.

That’s what I was pointing out from the start, and I haven’t changed my stance at any point.

You, on the other hand, choose to agree with it when it suits you and disagree when you want to, and you change your stance literally from paragraph to paragraph in the same post :man_shrugging:

We’re both off topic.

The topic is basically “I would like to know more about where I can or cannot build”. @Cattibria was on topic. @sestus2009 was on topic. @Boobie was on topic.

And then came your derailment about how Funcom staff can’t even get on the same page.

It could also have been avoided if you had simply said “oops, you’re right, they’re not a Funcom employee and therefore there’s no reason they should be on the same page”.

Instead of acknowledging that I was contradicting your claim that they’re a Funcom employee whose post is causing skepticism, you chose to pretend that I was contradicting your claim that their interpretation is no more reliable than ours.

And the weirdest thing is that you’re still pretending that’s what I did, you’re still misrepresenting what I’ve been saying right from the start, when I never – at any point – claimed anything of the sort, not even by implication.

The OP asked about server rules. What’s with your insistence on conflating unrelated things?


Thank you for everything.