Closest ironstone deposit to The Dregs?


I’ll preface this by saying I play offline.
Since I want to build a base near The Dregs, I would want to build near it, but also near a decently sized ironstone deposit, but the closest one (at the edge of E4) I can see to it has a few problems;

  • It is just 2 rocks, so a low yield, meaning it would take quite a while to get a sufficient amount of ironstone.
  • It is within aggro range of an Exile camp, to be more accurate, it is hidden behind the Exile camp.

The next closest decently sized ironstone deposit is at E5, meaning braving a gauntlet of Hyenas if I were to go back and forth between this one and my desired base location.

I would rather not use Admin Teleport either

Try seeing if there’s any closer by using one of the community maps:

None of them seem to have been updated to reflect the most recent major update, as none are showing the small ironstone deposit I mentioned on the bottom right-hand side of E4, or even the one by the Dafari camp, Narrowneck Span.

They added iron, in south end, but most of new spots dont have much.
Lookout point(east side of river, before jungle) is one of larger deposit in south end. (and alot of it can be gotten with out being seen by blackhands)

If your looking to live near Dregs, there some along edges of Nameless city, and along Ghost fence westward. Gotta watch out for scorps and what not. More up river that runs north, but lots of crocs.

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I’d consider the ones by the Nameless City, but I would need to prioritise building a well too due to lack of water there, which I guess isn’t too bad.

Better to build a furnace close to iron ridge NE of the Dregs. They carry the bars back

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