Coins from molds periodically disappear from Improved furnace


Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE
Region: EU 6455

I had put several full stacks of gold and silver in 2 improved furnaces with a coin mold for one to craft gold coins and the other to craft silver coins.
I left them crafting for roughly 20-30 minutes and came back to check how many I had and to my surprise there wasn’t more than 30 coins in any of them but it had consumed several hundreds gold and silver bars.
There was still a little more than 100 gold and silver bars left, so I decided to watch what was happening, and it seems like somewhere between 20 and 60 coins the stack just disappears.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. put coin mold and silver/gold bars in improved furnace
  2. Stack of coins crafted periodically disappear
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This is the problem. ^^


So 1 bar gets you 5 coins, then 30 coins turn back into 1 bar?

  • insert Picard facepalm gif -

I’m guessing the devs will be taking a look at that one :wink:

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They already did, a long time ago. This is the way it used to be way back, so they moved the coin production from the furnace into the blacksmith bench. And then they apparently forgot and moved it back into the furnace :laughing:


Just found out what happens, once there are 30 coins inside the improved furnace it queue to craft 1 gold or silver bar at the cost of 30 coins, so basically it has stolen almost 1000 silver bars and close to 500 gold bars from me, it had taken me many hours to get this much, so be careful guys, make a test with no more than 10 bars to see if same thing happens to you.

OMG and they didn’t check to see if that bug still was there :open_mouth:
I cannot remember the exact amount, but I had put more than 1500 bars altogether inside the furnaces and what you see in my image is all there is left from my stash of gold and silver that hadn’t been turned into dust, I cannot describe how lost I feel right now, so many hours of harvesting gold and silver just vanished in less than half an hour, and to top it of it is now the only way we can make coins :grimacing:

Insert entire Next gen crew facepalming gif… :laughing:

So why bother with the casting table now, seems like a waste of resources

It gets worse: the reason they moved flasks and coins to the furnace from the Casting Table is because they’d forgotten the old casting bug where you couldn’t queue more items than you had molds… it’d almost be comic if it wasn’t tragic.


Wait, they never fixed that? eusa_wall1

I think it was fixed with coins when they were on the BS bench, but it was back in force for flasks (dunno about coins, didn’t mint any) on the Casting Table after 2.1…

Yeah, before this latest change, you didn’t need mold to make coins in the BS bench, but that doesn’t mean they fixed the bug. I saw it happen with the jewelry from Debaucheries of Derketo – queuing those up didn’t work properly. I’m just flabbergasted they decided to move the coins to furnace instead of fixing the damn bug.

Don’t worry. It’s all part of the process of removing impurities and creating a higher quality coin. After about a thousand iterations of this, the final gold coin that you get is going to be really, really…shiny. :wink:


I found after hitting the initial craft on the first bottle you could do craft all, I was setting heaps of bottles to craft with just 1 mold in the casting bench

I could too, inconsistently. IIRC, I didn’t have a Craft All option, but I could spam Craft 1 until all of them were queued. It may have been different for me b/c I broke down and made a couple extra molds - but if that was all it took to get wild inconsistencies, that’s also a problem…

(The easy solution to these problem for the devs is to get rid of the molds since we now have a dedicated crafting bench for casting. You don’t need to have an anvil item crafted and placed in the Blacksmith bench’s inventory…)

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There’s a workaround, or better to say there was one, as long as they were in the casting table: Hit the space bar, even if the casting table shows that you can cast only one coin. Thereafter the casting table shows that it can make more coins and you hit space again, and it will cast all coins possible except for the last one.
At least that worked for me in this way.

Example: 10 gold bars in the casting table, hit space bar and it will make the first casting and at the same time show that you can make 8 more castings, thus hit spacebar again while the first casting is still in production.
The result is 9 castings of coins with one gold bar left over.


Yeah I was thinking after I wrote this it might have not been craft all option on this but I still had no problems setting 200 odd bottles to craft, not sure why

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