Combat Improvement Request

Please correctly improve the first person and third person combat in Conan Exiles please Devs!

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What does that mean, exactly?
You should probably include suggestions in your request.

I mean the devs should make the first person and third person combat in Conan Exiles like the first person and third person combat that’s featured in the game Skyrim.

Vermintide type combat would be awesome. Light attack sequence, and charge attack for each weapon. Reliable hit boxes, with equally reliable headshot multiplier. I am LOVING this game, but the combat needs some work.

Oh, well in that case I hope they don’t do that.
Conan Exiles has much better melee combat than Skyrim.


Yeah it definitely does need more work. It’s a lot better than it used to be, but it’s still not perfect.

One change that I think is needed is that players, as well as NPCs, need to be able to move while attacking.
It’s really lame how you can just ‘walk’ away and a lot of enemies can’t hit you because they have to stop. Same for PvP where players can easily get away with no problem.


I actually found combat in Skyrim (and most TES combat in general) highly annoying. I only ever played those games for the story and loot.

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