Combat thralls guarding at Obelisks -ToC?

So if you place combat thralls/pets at obelisks in guard mode on a PVP server, does this breach the ToC? I can understand and appreciate the idea of allowing players to guard obelisks and attack while the teleported player is loading but to just have a thrall on guard mode indefinitely means they have done the same thing as sealed it off with a wall. It is compounded if you have a ps4 since load times are up to 2-5 minutes before you get to play again.

So are placed guard thralls next to the obelisk against ToC?

I suppose it depends if Funcom considers thralls to be a part of the building system. The obelisk-blocking rules are all about building abuse.

Just kill it! Problem solved :smiley:

Killing people while they’re unable to control their toon during a load screen should, by definition, be an exploit, but I’ve never seen Funcom confirm whether they consider it an exploit or not. They’re the ultimate arbiters of what is or isn’t an exploit.

If it’s an exploit, then it’s against the rules.

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Yeah but the same could be said with the 100 T3 foundations or 50+ alters scattered acdross the land as well. Just blow them up. I understand the excessive farming is part of the game to build a defensive base and the mats to go offensive so I take the role as farmer as just part of the game. But cleaning crew to jerks that play is something I just don’t even want to consider as part of the game. If it is deemed against the rules, I shouldn’t have to disclose myself as a threat to them and their unethical play.

Honestly I would like to see a non build zone around obelisk. Along with this any thralls left here either die or get ported high up into the air and fall to their death.

There already is a no-build zone around obelisks. Presumably the thralls are placed at the edge of that zone with long enough aggro range to target anyone coming through.

Also, NPCs do not suffer fall damage.


They could be made too if they are left in any way close to the obelisks. You are correct , and it obviously seems to indicate that the zone is not big enough.

I think its a little bit easier to handle one or some thralls rather than destroying T3 blocking

I am not sure why players can’t just fight and see who wins. It seems there is more effort not in getting better at fighting, but by trying to find new ways to to prevent others from being able to fight (and/or fight back).


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