Combating Griefers: Fighting Fire with Fire

Greetings Fellow Exiles…I have been making posts lately asking for help and tips on how to combat a type of Griefing from a specific race of griefers. The answer came from the help of someone in another post and from a friend on another server who pretty much gave me the answer without even realizing it…

It requires UTTER TEAMWORK and large clans but I feel it can be done.

  1. Block off Obelisks. It’s a dick move yes but done right it can stop greifing clans in their tracks, Build a mass wall around every obelisk, and line the top with Black Ice fence to prevent the clan from climbing out and add a single door on one side. It should either be done by one MASSIVE clan who always has at least 1 member online, or multiple clans. When someone friendly uses the obelisk they can use Global to call someone to open the door for them, letting them out, if the Griefer Clan uses the Obelisk, nobody will come to aid them and people can raid their bodies each time they die of corruption…With them no longer able to use fast travel it make help destroy their intrests in the server and they may leave. Keep the walls up and the teamwork going to help eachother out till all their bases are gone, then when you are sure they have left the server, you can tear down the blockades.

  2. This information was given by another user in my last post, and it is simply to block off their resources and A LOT of important resources while keeping them accessible to you and the other players, again the same method from above should be used. Big wall around resources with someone to allow others in and out to harvest what is needed. Iron pretty much makes he game go around, so Iron nodes should be blocked off with the largest amount kept safe for the players only and not the clan itself…

naturally it can still be obtained from the bodies of Savage NPCs but only a little at a time…which means they have to use their own resources wisely while everyone else has an unlimited supply.

  1. Block Boss spawns and baby animal spawns. Dick move I know, but if they can’t get Legendary weapons and animals to breed, while everyone else can, interest dies…

And good luck to them trying to report it. My entire server has been trying to report the a-s-s-h-o-l-e-s that plague us for 2 months and no one, not even the “Exploit Hunters” have come to aid us in their antics…Let me know what you all think on this. And ways the plan can be improved!

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I think it’s extremely sad that it has come to this, and it’s a massive failure that there’s no real response (other than a politer version of “deal with it!”) from the developers. I totally get that full-time admins is not possible, but a (very few) ground rules, such as “don’t wall off obelisks on PVE/PVE-C servers”) and the will to enforce that for a period of time might get the point across.


Definately sad yes. That’s why I avoid officials as a plague, no admins, no rules, no matter pvp or pve, griefers win (most of the times). Despite Jens statement and reasoning behind not having admins in officials, sooner or later they will have to do something admin wise, or else give players reasonable options to deal with them (other than spamming the map with buildings to prevent obelisk blocking for instance).

Edit: as it is now, you must do the same thing you critisize to deal with this, which is… dumb.

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It’s a sad situation my server has to now employ this method to fight fire with fire…But we really have no other choice. The clan we are dealing with doesn’t speak english and doesn’t understand english, this think they can do what they want, which involves harassing everyone on the server, they PK without warning and when your back is turned or least expect it and steal your stuff, they are making foundation webs all over the place…the leader of their clan has specifically stated that he is purposely trying to kill the server by lagging it to death…

Obelisk Block is now the only resort we have left to send them on their way…

Crow, War Council Time!

A few tips:

  • Secure the Crevice (In the north, near Bjorns stand) that base is very grief-resistant. It’s basically inside a mountain. Very Vault-Tec.

  • Secure a base at the Mounds in the lake - there is alot of stone and iron inside no-build zones in the canyons between the mounds NPC camps.

  • When using crenelated walls, you are giving them ideas that they WILL mirror. You need to build a road-network, which doubles up as decay umbilicals to keep your structures refreshed, without you needing to run everywhere and occupy as much territory from the griefers as possible. With a road network, fencing you in with crenelations will become arduous.

  • When building, farm mats first. Atleast 3000 units of foundations, stairs and ceilings. You need to build all that practically overnight, otherwise the griefers will intercept.

  • When building obilisk walls, make sure to connect them to decay umbilicals, because the griefers WILL build a barrier around your barrier.

  • Build a checkpoint at the New Asagard entrance. It’s a good source of steel. You dont’want the grriefers “circumsizing” the town with crenelations.

  • Think of all the points on the map that the griefers could hold hostage and secure them. Keep in mind that conflicts drag on for months.

  • Use archer thralls standing on 2 foundations high towers with a fence ring on top. There will come a day when world bosses will be kited to wipe a lot of thralls. This will be a mutual exchange. Best you have thralls that are immune to world bosses. The reason u need a fence ring is because the treant/undead world boss can knock archers off their towers. Scorpion bosses make the best thrall killers. Kite those with a shield. If you encounter a thrall who doesn’t attack back, just stand next to that thrall with your shield up. World Boss actually hits faster that way. The dmg u block with your shield will not be blocked for the thrall caught in the cleave.

  • Lastly… something that just occured to me. If you build torch-stressers near the Obilisk, that will basically shut down anyone who loads in while inside corruption.

(i’m starting to feel half sick writing these tips… I feel like i’m advising Bashir Al Assad)

  • Build monuments which best describe your griefers, overlooking their bases, as a sign of hope for all on your server:

And finally…

Always assume it’s gonna get sooo much worse. Escalation leads to some serious crazy thigns and griefers actually LOVE this. It’s exactly the sort of madness they want to instigate.

So… Let me warn you. It’s not too late to turn back and go full Tardigrade… Cuz you can either chill for a month, or wage war for 6 months.

Now…on to the Geopolitical things…

It is wise to sub-divide the map into defensive prefectures managed by a clan that dominates that territory.
It’s advisable to start either a steam group and invite your allies to proliferate these dark tips, or invite them into Discord. Coordinate them live.

One beneficial effect that the griefer has on your server is that he unites all the people on it, like Hitler did with Europe.

Be warned tho, you will lose allies, because they will burn out. Afterall, why fight something that loves conflict, when Fallout 76 is at the doorstep?

Best ask them to merge into your tribe in case that ever happens.

Secondly, not everyone has the time to wage this war. You need to have the road networks be built over night, and I don’t think clans will follow that schedule.

It’d be best if you manage all of it, but assign small manageable tasks to your allies, i.e. building decay umbilicals to the closest obilisk or whatever.

None of this belongs on PVE or PVE-C since building cannot be removed.

This was what sent #1823 to hell - wall wars!

I have one for you. Over on 1745 we have some Japanese folk that ran king scorpion though my compound killing both of my greater rocknoses at Id just made from the Halloween special.
Not only will we never have them again, it would cost 440 gold to replace them, thats how many eggs it took to get them. They wont even talk to us, maybe they can not. Still a crappy thing to do to someone on a PVE server.

Most definitely not. But Funcom had not accounted for PvE at all. PvE is merely a mod of the PvP, and we all noticed this too late.

The griefers on 1818 are ALSO Japanese, and they do not speak english in the slightest, their clan leader RoG uses a translator to try and speak english to us, but it all comes out as very messy and unintelligible gibberish…He seems to be under the delusion he’s on a PVP server even though we scream at him “YOU IDIOT THIS IS PVE”, but because he doesn’t understand english he doesn’t get it, or get why he can’t destroy our buildings or kill any of us when PVP-time ends

Halcyon, all your tips are really useful and I will be bringing them up to the other clans in 1818…Sadly I have realized that walling the Obelisks off is not going to work for us…just be cause of the “you cannot build here” wall that goes around most of them…the stress torches sound strong though…but it means everyone will have to abandon using the fast-travel…

Sadly it’s already too late for us…We have been fighting this war against these idiots for 2 months now…and hope is starting to drain from the server that we will be rid of them…The Exploit Hunters do not respond to our reports…and the asains have big foundation walls going everywhere already…the only other option the server has is to annihilate a large majority of the resources and move to the frozen north where the asain clan has yet to tred foot…

Use google translate.

English -> Japanese.

Address him as a Hikikomori if he’s being rude.

we’ve tried google translate to speak with them, but they just reply in japanese and we can’t read what they are saying back…

…What I am getting at is…these guys are the worst of the worst and trying to fight them off is becoming very hopeless a feat…

Once again, I’m beginning to think that this is one big social experiment by Funcom to see how to get rid of official servers.

After all, THEY pay for official servers and that’s just a drain for them.


At this point, i’d just like the save file of my server. They can clean it, then make it public, then close the official servers. And this is me saying this; a loyal die-hard official server inhabitant.

Hm… maybe a poll would be interesting.

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If you find a way to get them to send you a server’s save file, please post a topic for it. I’d love to get the save for the one I’m on and relaunch it as a paid/private server!

Maybe Funcom could make this an option?, downloading your server’s db files?

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Griefers have been a cancer in this game since EA and Funcom is too slow to take action. There are countless ways to reduce griefing and promote more healthy servers, many have been suggested even here in these forums, but they are still blind to this.

The server I play used to have a very agressive griefers clan and it took months of constant complains, reports and direct contact with devs to finally get them banned. So yeah, they do take action, but I can count a few dozens of players who quit the game before they did something, and this is a reality in all over the official servers. Funcom doesnt seem to realize the huge number of players they lose every month due to griefers.

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