Communication on the state of support

Can we get any communication on the state of support?

There are multiple threads open with people waiting for anything between a month (in my case) to two months in other cases with the game NOT BEING PLAYABLE. Not slight discomfort, not missing items, not stuck on one character, literally the game not being accessible for paid costumers.

The latest communication we have on the subject is from the 16th of June. That’s from 3 months ago.

Can we get at least an update?

I’m sure we would all really like to hear something at least here on forums even if our tickets go unanswered.

And DO NOT CLOSE THIS or add it to any other thread. This is not specifically about my issues, but that collectively there’s no communication or support from the company.

What is happening? If you took our money, at least have the decency to talk to us!

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