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Do not tag any other players or members of our community in your reports.

Once you’re filling in the report, please make sure to include the following details:

  • Platform - PS4

  • Name of the Server - 3779

  • A description of the infraction being reported

Characters from xupacabra and fluffy bunnies are building outside of the map and running and killing people outside the map.

They blocked the south jungle
Obelisk and the entire brimstone lake as well as log in on new accounts made to mock peoples names. A mutual Conan fan invited me to this server to help defend his base but it is impossible when they build under the map near the sinkhole and in mountains in the jungle. One of them was bragging to another clan member of ours that they don’t have bases we can attack and they know how to “mesh”?

I’ve never seen or heard this but surely you can help!

Screenshots to follow … oh says new users can’t upload images .

Can someone email me or message and I will send screenshots

You are not supposed to post the details in public as per the rules. Submit a ticket: https://funcom.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

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