Conan Exiles DEVS - get some inspiration from REND

Hello everyone,

1st of all… REND LOOKS TERRIBLE! but there are some very interesting mechanics!
2nd yes… i know… this would be totally different game… but i expected so much more from CE… and i am very disappointed… They promised us sorcery, territory dominance and “capture the point” in order to get to rare materials, interesting and immersive religion system, real survival game… we were left with unfinished product instead…

SO… i know nothing of this will ever happen with CE… but anyway:

Factions - you choose your faction just as you choose your religion in CE, but in REND it means something! Players with the same faction cooperate to achieve the final goal - Survive and WIN

Territory dominance - you can capture and hold areas that will grant you some sort of benefit. In CE it should be harvest, XP bonus, DMG bonus vs world boss in the area, access to dungeon, what ever… Also it would be great if you could be attacked by opposite faction / religion purge and this NPC “armies” would attack settlements of different NPC factions / religion over the map in order to take it and you as a player could join the fight.

Crafting - even dedicated craftman or harvester can greatly bolster your ranks and faction advantage. Every kind of player would have their own play style and place in the faction… you dont like to kill players but you enjoy to gather mats and craft perfect armor and weapons for your team mates? WE ARE LOOKING FOR MASTER CRAFTMAN LIKE YOU!

Starting Arena / faction neutral town - we really need this! Boosted Fortified town for every religion where you can meet up, trade, communicate and prepare for fight. This is where PvP would be a thing!