Conan Exiles news

Funcom announces on its official website the arrival of a DLC for Conan Exiles: The Imperial East Pack, it will be available Friday, June 22 for 9.99 € on the Xbox market.

But before talking more specifically about this first additional content, you will say the same thing as me if you are overwhelmed by the technical problems encountered on Conan Exiles: the efforts of the studio should focus on optimizing the game and not on the release of a DLC, paying extra! The answer is simple: Funcom has several teams whose tasks are obviously different. Part of the developers always focus on monitoring the game to improve the quality. Since the situation is deteriorating as and updates and patches, we all expect the miracle. Another team from the studio is currently working on a major gameplay update, especially fights that should be more flexible and the update could bring a lot of new combos.