Conan Exiles T4 Thrall

Gircan Ironbender a blacksmith can’t make legendary repair kits. He’s a thrall I’ve got in the purge and labeled as purge only and he makes the same thing as a T3 thrall.

PvP server 1546 official

Only the blacksmiths with a durability specialization (hammer icon) can craft legendary kits after the economy update.

For example, Beri:

Gircan has a different specialization (armor pen.)

Is there a chart somewhere that lists what all these new symbols mean on thralls and what they can do (where they should be placed in one’s base/bench)?

Certainly, but not well known enough, since we just finished it a few days ago. See this thread.

The cheat sheet should give you a quick reference, but to find the Legendary Repair Kits, you would have to dig a bit deeper.




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