Conan thrall movement

Hey there, maybe add a system to have thalls move on a set path? For instance I play on a role playing server, and people have built some amazing towns. The one thing I can see missing though is its like a ghost town. Personally I think it would be amazing to set paths and positions for thralls to follow. Townsfolk walking the streets, guardsmen patrolling the towers, things like that. Have them ride horses possibly, id love to see them riding horseback patrolling my outward walls.

Possibly even having thralls intractable for other players. Like the merchants and traders we see around map. Put something in its inventory set a price and if players have the coin, purchase it from the thrall. Just some suggestions, ive dabbled in game design for a short while. It can be complicated but with the mechanics ive seen implemented in conan I think it would be a wonderful addition

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Thralls being static and doing animations is not hard and coming in 2.8. But thralls walking around is something we’ll probably never see in the basic game outside of mods. Reason for that is server resources will get taxed. This is why we only have a single thrall following at a time.

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