Suggestion: Thrall Pathing

In the future updates to the game, I would like to see the ability added to command pathways to our Fighter/Archer Thralls so that they can patrol our bases (in addition to just standing at a fixed point). For example, we build a base and capture many Thralls to protect it. It would be nice to be able to command a specific Thrall to ‘patrol’ (on alert for enemies) from point A (where they are standing) to point B. And to get even fancier, to have them patrol (on alert for enemies) from point A to B, B to C, C to D, and D to A again. That way, they can “walk the battlements” on patrol, or along the outer walls of our bases, or the inner courtyards, and so forth. This would also increase their effectiveness as base defense units.


What would be even better, is if certain thrall could gather. Set their path, and set their target. They patrol along, use whatever took you’ve equipped them with, and they go out and get the target. Set it to say, ironstone, and they’ll harvest any brimstone that gets in their aggro range. Once they reach a certain threshold, they start back.

And then get trampled by a rhino.


I agree 100 percent. Even a basic straight trajectory would be nice. Seeing Archer thrall patrol and castle wall would be beautiful.