ConanSandbox.exe. system error

Hi everyone, i have a issue. I bought a new pc and i installed Conan. I try to start game but i have an error of Sandbox. Connot found.
I uninstalled and re-installed 3 times.
Same problem

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Hey @Megamax

This seems a rather unusual issue. Could you try to verify the integrity of your files instead of reinstalling?
To access it, right click on Conan Exiles in your Steam library.

Please let us know if this helped with your issue.

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Yes i have test integrity everytime after re-installed. All is ok.
I have no mods
My graphic card drivers is up to date.

I just finish to install 4 time and same problem.

Same error:

ConanSandbox.exe - system error.


Do you use an anti virus program?

I uninstall it to be sure that work. But no, sane thing.

You uninstalled it before or after reinstalling Conan?

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Essayez de démarrer le jeu à partir de l’exécutable dans le dossier “ConanSandbox / binaries / win64”. Cela contournera le lanceur.


Make sure and firewall and antivirus do allow the game. It’s often when windows try to block it for x reason.

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Ok. I will try tonight. Thanks

they dont find: vcruntime140_.dll

i re-installed Visual C++ 2015 and i have same problem

oh yess i resolved it. i downloaded wrong visual C++

work grest now

thanks a lot everyone.


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