Concern Disc players getting an advantage

So, a lot of people already have the physical copies… they have an advantage over the preview and early access people. I worry that servers go down wipe and come back up and these people will get a jump on the rest of us. I am going to be highly upset if I log in and someone is sitting at 20-30 and base/bases built and will seriously just grief new players.

I also worry the disc copy owners have less or no updates and we are stuck with having to patch. Can you not push the patch out like now for preview and early access? If you re truly not putting servers up until 7am EST what difference would it make to release the patch and allow us to go in straight away?

I also feel like the disc owners get to explore single player Volcano and Jungle and preview players cant? Its kind of a slap in the face to those of us who bought preview day one went through all the drama of bugs and server crashes and be disadvantaged. I know there is plenty of vids on the new biomes but actually getting to explore them is way different.

Anyway, just concerned.

Not to mention you can rent a ps4 server now? Does that mean it goes live now and I could be playing the game now?

Rented and Official servers will open up after the official launch; not before. Even if you managed to snag a physical copy of the game on consoles before the official launch, you’ll still need to patch to the Launch version when it goes live tomorrow. The only “advantage” you could possibly muster is through a faster internet connection, which we have no control over. :stuck_out_tongue:

You’ll be fine.


ok thank you for info

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Will we be able to patch the live version we are currently playing on or should it be a fresh install?

If you have the digital PC Early Access or XB1 Game Preview version already, it’ll patch the difference tomorrow.


Patch will be available for download at 13:00 CEST (1pm) or we can pre-download day1patch before this time?

I want to know that aswell as I have a rubbish connection

I believe the patch will be up a few hours before launch for all platforms, so you can preload or play singleplayer before the servers are spun up.


ok coz I’m heading into town first thing to get my copy . if the patch is 14gb like jens said I probably wont be playing til the evening if the patch is at 13:00


Looks like I am taking a nap tonight then so I can make sure to be up at midnight or so to get the patch rolling for both my wife and I. We have good coffee, plenty of snacks, and our Barbarian edition T-Shirts all ready to go!


just set steam to auto patch?

if you’re worried about people being level 20-30 by the time you log in you have other issues man. You can get to 20 in 15 minutes

Yup, leveling in this game, even at 1x exp is super easy. If someone is spending their early levels grinding out a Tier I “house” in the noob oasis, they deserve the grind they are going to get. I can start a character and hit level 60 by day end of day 2, it’s all about running like hell. :smile:

These aren’t the droids tour looking for, move along, move along.

And leaving the machine on all night? Not with those costs… (electricity)
Also even then people wont get the patch at the same time. I already experienced steam giving me the option to update like 10 minutes after a friend could update.
I would prefer the update to be there right when clock and stuff switch to may 8th - right at midnight. Or even a few hours before that.

I thought EXP by discovering places has been reduced? :astonished:

Im not worried per say about them. I just cant stand the fact that people will have a jump on others. Land grab early will be huge in this and I dont mean the newbie areas. I know how to level I have played since it released on preview. I suffered through all the bugs and crashes and so forth. It would be upsetting to be behind people because of lack of fore sight on their behalf. Honestly feel preview and early access should have been rewarded for sticking through it from the beginning, but i digress. You miss the point though. If you log in and someone is already 20-30 they can grief you until you leave and limit you from doing anything at all. It already going to be chaos at the starting area just because they can kill you before you load in … compound that with levels and gear? This wasnt a post about how to level. I see the trolls come about and spout “git good” “git good” Moles and trolls, moles trolls. I have played plenty of MMO’s and the initial rush is a key part of getting to the good spots before others and if someone is in and has free reign before anyway else is lame sauce. J/s

It may be reduced, but it’s not so reduced you can’t still use it to easily hit your late 40s really fast. They reduced the POI exp, but added in a bunch more points of interest, so it all evens out.

Actually I was trying to find this topic again, because I just checked just how much exp I get by discovering a location. It was 300 exp at lvl 15, still requiring 41k. (No modifiers - plain old 1x)
Now only the amount of those points of interest is missing.

There are multiple spawn points for noobs to spawn into the world, the game will not spawn you into the noob points if there are other players there. The map is absolutely huge, and there would be no way a few people could lock down every single decent building spot within a few hours. You are just whining, and then slamming people with this whole “git gud” insult crap, rather than just being a rational, thinking human being. I spent early access creating different characters on different PvP servers. Every time I was the low man on the totem pole at the start, because so many people were established level 60s with gear and bases. And no matter how hard I would get griefed, I never let someone run me off a server. You just become a ninja for a while, and make the griefer pay. The people who rush to hit upper levels fast aren’t going to be that interested in messing with noobs for a while, they are going to be much more busy getting a base established, leveling to cap, and getting geared. If you let someone run you off of a server on release day, maybe World of Warcraft is more your speed.