Concern Disc players getting an advantage

lol… again you proved my point “they will be getting a base established” the whole point to my post was that, if they get a head start its disadvantage for the rest of us. Time will tell. I know I spent preview time finding base locations, trying builds, testing ways to level fast. There is a few prime spots and would be a shame if others get in. Play WOW laughable. I’ve played MMO’s from the start. Played Ultima Online prior to trammel ruining the game. Played when you could actually pick pocket other players and sneak into others houses. This game is awesome and brings back that Old UO feel. Just want a fair shake thats all. There is literally like 5 spawn places in the desert. Im not wasting my time with people who want to spawn camp. Watch and see though, the mad dash for good locations will be ruined if people have earlier access than others. They said its not happening so arguing about is mute at this point.

Depending on the numbers of members in their clan, this wont take long. Then they can start harassing, while others might still be at lvl 20 or stuff.

And about the other thing with those points of interest…
There are quite a few tasks on the journey, which overlap with exploring (explore an exile/darfari/black hand/… camp + special places)… So it shouldnt be exploring, but rather the journey giving one the exp.
Performing kicks, dodges and all those heavy attacks (cripple, bleed, sunder…) and so on will be the ones which reward the huge chunk of exp. Or am I wrong?

I prefer less traveled spots for my base. Some great locations never get claimed becase of distance to water. Hit lvl 25, build a well, map becomes wide open. Some of us with real jobs wont be on until late tomorrow evening anyway.

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