Connection error causes frustration

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Crash | Bug ]
Region: [eu]

eu, PvP oficial server

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it happens to me in my base, after the frozen screen always when restarting the game I get connection error, but not one, I get up to 6 times in a row. until I die of thirst and sends me to the desert. PlayStation Network keeps working, it’s your game’s error. why?

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Join the game
  2. Build top base
  3. Enjoy to conection error

Not sure we are talking about the same error, but, just curious, when you did die because of the error preventing you to get back in the game, did you lose your items ?
I am asking you because happened to me, luckily just once, to have a persistent crash error that prevented me to relog in, everytime I appeared inside the world (before loading completed), blue screen, game closed.
Until I logged in and I was in the desert, but with all my gear on, and all my inventory intact.
So I thought that was sort of system protection from the game that doesnt allow you to drop your item when an error prevents you to respawn in one place.
I am pretty sure that time I died, since the error occured in the middle of an enemy camp, so they jumped at me 100%, but maybe the system moved me to a default location before dropping the items because of the error.

To be on the same page, could you please try to quote the connection error and/or provide a screenshot?

Could you also state whether

  • it has happened before.
  • you’re able to get into the game and into the server again.
  • you are, if anything went missing etc.

And also important: elaborate what you were doing/building with and on before the error occured. (Possibly provide a screenshot if you’re able to get into the game or already had one)

This part wouldn’t be possible for them, this is the PS4 section, the PS4 version doesn’t allow mods, very few PS4 games allow them actually, even those are restrictive with mods.


Oops, I didn’t pay attention there, sorry. Edited.

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