Convergence trap base raid

Can you get banned or suspended for using a convergence trap to summon a purge on someone’s base other then yours, to break down the walls and boxes to loot someones base ? Really it should only be used for your base to call or erase a purge but people are taking advantage of this and placing it beside other bases to break into them and steal stuff. On a pvp server i wouldnt care because you can destroy buildings anyways but we are on a PVE C server and this is becoming an issue.

The Convergence Trap does not summon a purge to itself, it only fills your purge meter, making you eligible for a purge.


Oh yes it does lol, this guy dont have a base so he makes a base very close to yours and summons it, i found him at several diffrent bases this week doing this.

It still isn’t summoning the purge to itself, the purge is just attacking the only location available to it.

And just happens to be what ever base he places it beside, hes hit my base and like i said i seen several basese raided this way.

Sounds like an unintended feature for pvec. For pvp it wouldn’t be as concerning

I agree, the whole reason i play pve c is because i love to pvp but also dont want my building destroyed, and this guy is exploiting that feature.

Found this on reddit, seems like it might be a common thing lol,

As per Tephra below. Convergence traps only mess with the CTrap’s owner purge points, not yours. Also, the purge will target their base - if the base is near yours the purge will likely just come from another direction to get to their base.

Oh, and nothing stopping any player kiting npcs/creatures to another player base. That has always been a thing - one of the risks all players have always wrestled with when building bases too close to encampments, towns, etc.

If your server is PvE-C private then chat with the Admins and see if something can be done. On Official, then it can be an issue, but one that you could look at addressing by (a) building more defensively, and (b) nothing stopping you (on official) from returning the favour. Just a thought? :slight_smile:

Yes… I remember this ■■■■■■■. Might be the same guy.

like the reddit post said, its very easy to purge raid if you have at least two members in your clan. one drops clan and puts a few foundations next to the base you want to raid, you then place the convergence trap, fill it and summon a purge. then just kite them to the base and watch the carnage. if you can climb up on the base its even better

Its pathetic is what it is.


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