Cook for the Thrall pot

Please add the ability to place a Cook thrall and fuel, to the thrall pot.

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What effect do you envision the cook having? Making thralls eat less, making food last longer, extending it’s range? Or are you thinking of simply the decorative effect of someone standing there stirring the pot?


  1. Raw food could be cooked in thrall pot. To save a wasted step and time.
  2. Reduced fuel cost like other cooking stations.
  3. The higher the thrall the larger the greater range the thrall pot feeds.

on a PVE server i built a village, it is just annoying to need 3 thrall pots to feed everyone so placing a named cook at the thrall pot increasing the range would be a nice feature


I like this idea a lot. They had a thrall stirring the big pot of human flesh in the original Arnold movie (the only good one).

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