Cosmetic sorcery

Another suggestion is to consider cosmetic sorcery spells, like changing the weather and say/night (only at the circle). My sense is that it would be an enjoyable addition in the game without disrupting to many mechanics. Personally, I just want another sorcery time regardless of what is in it. There is just something about having a book shelf of arcane tomes (even if not very useful), that really brings out the immersion (beyond just the decorative pieces).

Also, while not in line with the topic, it would be interesting for sorcerors to spawn a meteor fall with an expensive ritual. I am not seeing this as being too game breaking and would be a nice bit of flare. It isn’t necessary that such additions be useful or even economical. That is a critique that I think have very little weight.

Thank you for your time.

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Hey Fellow exile

I totally agree with you i have been asking for more pets and companions since it would be a nice addition to the sorcery thing especially on siptah

A day/night change would be pretty handy not gonna lie and a meteor shower would be pretty epic aswell and im all about that immersion this game genuinely is a piece of art it may have its downs but the ups are very important

Thank you for reading!

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