Could someone explain the story line of Khitai?

I played this game in Korea a few years ago. I was not able to experience the storyline of the T4 Raide because the service ended in two years.

I was not able to experience the storyline of the T4 Raide because the service ended in two years.
Only hardcore users were able to experience Jade citadel, and ordinary users could not clear ‘enigma of yag’ either.

tried to install the game once again, but the latency was too high to play.

So, I ask the story line to appease the regret that I have not experienced.

1.Ya chieng how could it be emperor. Does Kitai get a new emperor by his death?

  1. I remember that Pra eun of the scarlet circle was the second rank of the empire. Does he betray the emperor?

  2. I joined the Last legion at the time. How does the story of this faction end?

  3. After the Korean service was shut down, additional expansion packs appeared(turan). Is the story line here on Kitai’s extension?

Thanks in advance for your reply.

It’s quite complicated. The story started with Yag-Kosha and his group, when they tried to overthrow the rulers of their home planet, but failed and had to flee. They landed on planet earth, but then they were unable to leave.
After some time, the rulers sent a hunter to kill them (the Entity). He found and killed all of them, except Yag-Kosha, who trapped him inside the crater.

Several thousands years later, Yag-Kosha was imprisoned by one of his students, the mage Yara, who forced Yag-Kosha to build the Tower of the Elephant, and tortured him, to grasp his secrets. After some centuries of tortures, Conan sneaked into the tower and found Yag-Kosha, who begged Conan to kill him, and gave Conan the power to kill also the mage Yara.

When Yag-Kosha died, however, the prison who kept the Entity trapped, was weakened, or maybe even destroyed. This had several effects: the Entity could influence the thoughts of the people; there was also an explosion, that opened the crater, and released thousands of monsters; the power of magic was increased a lot.
The horde of the monsters was blocked on the swamps between Kara-Korum and Chosain. The infantry formed a front line, to stop the monsters, while the mages was killing them with their spells.
Following this, Yah-Chieng hired the Brittle Blade to kill the emperor Li-Yah, his concubines and children, then became Emperor. The first thing he did, was to organize an expedition into the crater, where he took the coffin of the Entity, which for some reason cannot exit from it, and brought it to Paikang.

Yah-Chieng then started to communicate only with the Entity, and secluded himself from the outside world, neglecting completely the Empire, which started to spiral into chaos.

One of the daughters of Li-Yah, however, had survived, and was raised by the Yellow priests of Yun. Their plan was to send assassins to Aquilonia, to lure Conan into coming to Khitai, and try to convince him to help them overthrow the Emperor. Conan however decides to send you, so the Yellow priests has to adapt their plans.

This is the point when you arrive to Khitai, and you have to find out what happens. After you have discovered all of this, you go to Paikang, to help the insurrection. There you will make contact with them, help them get troops from the various villages of the area, do some incursions in the city, to weaken the Emperor’s forces, then prepare to invade the citadel and kill the Emperor and the Entity. And that’s basically the end of the story.

This is quick summary of the story, I skipped some details and all the factions stories, but otherwise it would have been way too long. I hope it’s enough to give you a picture of the events.


Thanks for that great post. A lot of background info there I never knew. That will teach me for skipping the dialogue.

Is there some online source detailing the Khitai Destiny questline? For me it seems to run dry when I get to Kara Korum, so I’m obviously missing something.

Thank you so much for your great help. I really missed the days of AOC. Your answer satisfies my Nostalgia.

I’m not aware of anything like that, but I never really searched…

The point is that the main questline does not give all the information. To see all sides of the story, you need to do all the factions questlines too. The problem is that every faction will only tell their part of the story, and since you can’t get them all at the same time, so to see everything, you need to switch faction.
For example, the Yellow Priests will tell you about the daughter of the former emperor, and their attempt to put her on the throne, while the Children of Yag-Kosha will tell you about the Tower of the Elephant story.

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@TamC As for the Khitai destiny quest line: You ll get a quest where you have to finish a crater/enigmata run and. Cant remember the name, but it s easy to miss as it is a group quest. After finishing that quest (and enjoying a video sequence that explains a few of the points that yawgmoth mentioned:) ) you ll get sent to Paikang to help the insurrection.

Right. However, it’s possible to start the Insurrection questline even if you have not finished the other one. You can pick it up at the Paikang entrance.

And… if you want, the cutscene at the end of Enigmata is available on YouTube: link

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The Self thanks you for explanation :slight_smile: