Where can i find Khitai lore?

Hi, is there any place where i can rea the lore about what has actually happend in khitai. Why the Emperor seems to be corrupt and with the entity and all. I have read parts of it in questlines etc. But its hard to follow the entire story with only parts of it at a time.

Thanks in advance!

It is all explained in the long khitai chain. Start from king Conan with quest “making contact” and you follow that quest. You will discover all.

I can only suggest you to do the Khitai quest “Colors out of Space” which leads to the Enigmata dungeon. When you defeat the final boss + guardian, just click on the white orb on the ground and you will get nice “lore movie” explaining you a lot about the Emperor, Entity and Yag-Kosha.

Where can i find this quest?

I think you need to progress in the “main story” until you can speak to the Old Man (Kara Korum 907 | 716). He will send you to Pra-Eun, who will give you the quest.

On your first character it is hard to keep track of all the pieces of information you get mostly from your factions. It does not help that every faction adds a tiny piece of the puzzle, meaning if you want to hear the whole story you need to switch factions. The new factions will then tell you things that fit into the begining of the story, and you allready know the end…yeah, it is a puzzle.
The main questions you want to focus on are:

  • What about Conan? Who wants to kill him and why?
  • What is up with the Emporer, and how does each faction react to what he does?
  • Who or what is the Entity, and what does he/she/it want?
    If you keep track of every answer you get to these questions you can put together the whole picture.

You can click the orb in Enigma of Yag even without the quest any time you are there, but storywise it is better to wait until the quest leads you to it. If I remember correctly you will see no questmark after the bossfight, you have to look for the orb for yourself. Usually at the same time your group shouts NOT to click the orb, because the video is pretty long. So you might want to wait until after the loot.

As i already said he have to start from “Making Contact” gived to King Conan.
Color out of Space is only one sub-step of that loooong beautiful chain

And read tower of the elephant it explains why a lot of people in Khitai don’t like conan and ties in with why the entity there

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Tower of the Elephant: http://gutenberg.net.au/ebooks06/0600831h.html

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Hmm, perhaps i should start working, gather the whole story and post it somewhere for anyone to read?

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I would love. If you do this work. Really thank you

Much as I despise this company and everything they’ve done, Khitai storyline is objectively cool and good and worthy of knowing, at least in summary. So here’s a write up of what’s been going on as I remember from playing comprehensively back in the day. Watch out for massive massive spoilers, obviously, if you care about that sort of thing.

-Yig is a planet of alien elephant giant things and a stupid amount of technology that is indistinguishable from magic.
-Yag Kosha starts a war, he loses and has to flee the planet.
-A hunter entity is sent to track him on a spaceship and follows all the way to Earth.
-The Entity’s ship crashes into Karakorum, possibly after YK shoots it down, don’t remember exactly, and YK beats it up and buries it and its spaceship under a mountain.
-YK teaches the native monkey beasts about “good magic” and is worshipped as a god.
-YK buggers off to see the world, somehow gets trapped in Tower of the Elephant by an evil wizard after a few millenia.
-A young thief breaks into the tower and frees YK from imprisonment by killing him.
-When YK dies, the Entity is partially freed and the mountain he was imprisoned under explodes.
-Magic floods Earth, causing all those hundreds of thousands of spellcaster enemies and players all over AoC to exist. Which was %100 ludicrous if you knew a single thing at all about Conan canon, so that’s a pro retcon and one of the smartest things they came up with (like 5 years after the fact but still).
-An army of mutant critters bursts forth from the crater, Khitan armies get rekt (causing their influence in the empire to slowly dwindle to almost nothing in the following decades), Khitan wizards newly empowered by all that magic win, granting a whole load of prestige and influence to Scarlet Circle. Particularly to the head wizard Yah Chieng, who happened to be the vizier to the Emperor.
-The vizier turns out to be evil, because of course he is, and usurps the Emperor, because of course he does, and becomes the new God Emperor of Khitai.
-God Emperor finds the Entity in the crater and has it brought to Paikang for “study”. But since all the alien ■■■■ is radioactive, the crater and Emperor’s palace become ground zero for the space cancer epidemic and it starts spreading everywhere. Khitans being a cowardly and superstitious lot (not to mention very unimaginative) begin to call space cancer “corruption”.
-After a few decades, Children of Yag Kosha learn the dude that killed their god is named Conan and are mad and send assassins to kill him.
-There’s actually a whole mess of conspiracies going on behind the scenes with some people (like the new leader of Shadows of Jade and the old emperor’s daughter who’d secretly been taken in by Yellow Priests of Yun) actually wanting to just bait Conan into coming over and toppling the evil emperor like he did to old Aquilonian king and bla bla, but don’t mind that.
-YK’s Assassins fail (of course) and a clueless Conan sends his BFF the Liberator of Tortage to Khitai to find out what these foreign ■■■■■■■■ want from him.
-The protagonist comes to Khitai, kicks ■■■ and takes names, joins some groups, eventually topples the Emperor and destroys the Entity inside Jade Citadel.

This is the very abridged version but it should tide you over.


these points are wrong:

  • the yags are indeed sending people in pilgrimage to aquilonia, but just to witness the evil represented by conan and pray for his salvation.
  • the assassins are sent by the yellow priests, but their intent is not to kill conan, just to lure him into coming to khitai.