Crafting Stations decay when outdoors

I think it would be fantastic if all crafting stations (other than those used to tame new friends/pets) would rot if left outdoors more than a few days. I play on PVE servers, and it just never made sense to me that people basically set up their bases as dropping bunch of crafting stations on the ground… I recognize in games we bend some rules when it comes to ‘reality’, but if I can starve to death if I don’t eat in 2 days, I feel like this is much less of a reach. It’s not like it’s hard to slap down some sandstone (or better).

MAybe this is something that will be addressed in a sideways manner, with the upcoming changes to PVE purges and sieges (those NPC’s instantly annihiliate any crafting benches outside any structures).

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If we’re gonna add workbenches rotting for being left outdoors, should we add a smoke system for workbenches left indoors without ventilation, like Valheim does? Putting a forge, furnace, and tannery outside makes a hell of a lot more sense than inside your wooden living quarters where you’d suffocate from the fumes in short order.

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sure… I would have no problem with vents for smoke/fumes going in. I’d rather that, than a server full of crap placed on the ground. Sometimes PVE servers feel like a flea market from hell… you can’t buy anything, you can’t steal anything, you can only be stuck with the eye sore :wink:

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@Prelate @kefefs I agree with both of you never thought about the smoke inside or the smell of a tannery. And junk laying about on the ground.

While they are funny, two factors come into play.

  1. If we pretend to care about realism too much, we will be very miserable in this game. The amount of development required for alternative rot rates between, say, the desert and the jungle, or the lack of one in the frozen lands…
    The road of realism leads to extreme minutiae, and if not followed all the way, an effort to add some realism ends up making much more unrealistic.

  2. Crafting stations left out in the wild without walls and foundations are much easier on the server load. Many apparently outside craft stations are actually inside, the rest of the base just hasn’t rendered in yet.

So, yes, there is definitely room for adding more harsh maintenance as an option, and many may enjoy it, but the random stations are no more immersion breaking for this one than cube buildings, or the ability to erect stone walls in seconds.

I find that crafting stations are eyesores for different reasons than the op.

We could use more variants with light colors to match Aquilonian / Argossean & variants with darker colors to match Stormglass/ Black Ice.

I think we need the ability to equip armor on crafting thralls so they match as well.

Currently, we are stuck with mostly wooden crafting stations and thralls wearing coarse wraps which clashes with anything that’s not brown.

not that it matters, but I do my builds 4 stories tall with windows. While that level of realism isn’t pushed by Funcom, I try to ‘respect’ the reality of it. We can overheat now, if we stand too close to active furnaces for long, which I appreciate that touch of realism.