Crash at Mission Launch

Hey my Game gives out this error after I try to start the mission.

I play on a Acer predator helios 300 with a GTX 1060 and updated system.


Video Card Driver Crash Detected
Error DXGI_Error_Device_Removed

Any ideas?


what’s your system? Windows 10?

Be sure your drivers and DirectX are updated. (Though you can try switching to DX11 mode if you’re in DX12)

Edit: Idk about this reddit post, but maybe it helps?

I have the same exact issue with the same laptop model. Have already tried updating the GPU driver and verifying the Steam files. No Luck.


I found it out the game is bad Programmed and don’t switch the Grafic card or tell the PC it need to switch just open the Nvidia setting and add the game to full usage of card instead of using Intel card… Usually every game gives a signal and switch that but This game seems to lack of a lot functions :slight_smile:

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I found when browsing that the error appears on a bunch of populair games as well. The question is, if for this game, it happens to everyone with that setup and if it does so every time or only at random. Then you can consider if it is specific for this game in a certain way or if it’s just a generic bug. The developers can then look into possibly fixing it.

Which brings me to an additional question: Has this happened to you on any other games?

I have never had the issue of the gpu not being utilized before before unless I had an external monitor hooked up through USB (happened one time at a friend’s house and I learned real quick that wasn’t going to work lol). But in this case I didn’t have any external monitor hooked up. No external devices at all except a mouse.

Hey @neophrythe and @TheFifthColumn

Welcome to our community and thanks for your feedback.
We’ll send note to the devs about this issue so they can look into it.

Nah, this never happened to me in any other game and I play and stream a lot.

Hey @neophrythe,

I may need more information in order to diagnose the issue. When you get a chance could you please send a copy of your dxdiag to the following email:

Please make sure you reference this post (add a link) to the body of the email.

Sorry for the inconvenience let’s see if we can get this resolved.