Crazy Spawn Rates... Hell On Siptah

Not sure if this is a bug or not, but this has been happening the past three days to my friend and I as we constantly farm the Red Storm to get a thousand swirling chaos to summon the purges for tier four thralls. When we first enter the storm there’s almost nothing, maybe one or two mobs already spawned in, and we roam for about five minutes getting a random lightning spawn here and there. Then it starts to ramp up maybe we get three spawns and kill them and get two or three more it’s easily manageable. Out of no where there will be about seventy spawns about three seconds apart that summon up to five in each lightning strike with literally hundreds of mobs chasing us. Here’s what we managed to capture as we stood on rocks so they couldn’t hit us as our thralls unfortunately didn’t make it.

Absolute insanity, we are thinking about going full bow builds and just mowing them down and farming them once the storm ends because trying to fight that is instant death. You get surrounded stopping you from moving and hit so many times you can’t even react.


Obvious insanity aside, that’s some serious movie-last-stand shizzle there!


That’s… uh, both hilarious and possibly a bug at the same time. It seems like the storm scales if it detects group content. That’s probably why you got overrun. Sorry to hear about the thralls, that’s painful.

I notice that the longer I stay in the storm, the more stuff with come at me, but I’ve never been surrounded like that. Have you tried poison arrows? That would be a great spot to just make them all die to gas.

Or gas orbs. Just throw them in that pack and then come down and loot/skin them once they’re dead. Profit.

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We actually did try some poison arrows you can see a few in the background are dead from my friends bow in some of the pictures, but he didn’t have any accuracy so it was really slow and we ended up just waiting and skinning what was already dead. At the base of the hill there were an absolute ton of bodies from before we couldn’t skin because they just kept coming until we were overwhelmed and had to retreat.

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Yeah I love the picture of the dog midair jump and the almost zombie like horde of creatures amassing around the rocks. We found a dragon boss in the storm that dropped greater ??? worth fifty swirling chaos, so we try to find and kill him every storm. Wondering if anyone else has seen any bosses in the storms.


Oh, wow!

That must have been quite a sight!

I have seen some larger insectoids but no dragons, not yet. That is awesome.

I couldn’t stay there too much and fight until I got bosses, so I can’t really say for sure. I get a little bit destroyed in my current setup and have to run away.

Nope don’t fix this is how brutal the game should be

I wonder what happens if you run through that with a war rhino and a lance?

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Every second you ride a mount in the storm it loses stamina as if you were sprinting until it kicks you off the mount making it very hard to stay on. Mounts get owned in the storm their AI literally stands them there and they get surrounded and die in mobs like that super fast instead of running away like they usually do.

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It’s unplayable when this many mobs spawn you either run or die it’s that simple and your thralls and everything else are dead no matter what. I’m all for the game being hard pve wise, I still think every instance in the game including the new 14 dungeons for sigils are a cake walk, but this is dumb. Three skull mobs need massive hp buffs they die WAY too quickly actually everything in the game could use an hp buff leading to less enemies and longer fights. The new axe The Annoying Shard from the delving bench is SUPER over powered even without being able to make the better one with a tier four blacksmith because it stacks 40 bleeds on a target. Being overwhelmed in a game like this is instant death as you get surrounded you cannot dodge out of it and you get perma staggered between all of the hits and can’t even play the game. Basically mechanics without counter play don’t lead to good game play and this 100% has no counter play because I don’t consider running out of the entire storm counter play or engaging game play.


I was being funny but well it is my type of game play but that’s just me but as always balance needs to be maintained as much as possible

I agree that this looks cool, like some scene from Lords of the Rings. But this causes high ping sending the server into a state of shock.
There is a server setting that allows these creatures to spawn as many as 400, which in my opinion should be reduced to 10-20 until a fix is made for the high ping.


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