Creating more servers doesn't solve the problem

Great that Funcom added more servers but plenty of people who joined a server and put in lots of time building bases/getting established cannot log into the server they started on due to people migrating there. Unless you log in to a server and NEVER LEAVE you can forget playing on your server during any time that’s halfway reasonable. Worth mentioning is the fact that during raid times(probably the most vital time to actually be online for defense or to go on your own raids) is the hardest time to get on a server. Funcom needs to increase the player cap to 70 on each server to fully compensate for the amount of influx the game has.


I fully agree. The performance has ‘felt’ fine to me with 40 players.

Raise it until the performance loss starts to be slightly noticeable. Even if that just means adding another 5 players onto the capacity.

I’d really like to hear a break-down of the problem from Funcom’s angle. Because there are private servers running 70 players with apparently low ping. What are the issues that prevent raising the max. players?


They also need some form of ant afk boot. People log on and just leave it running all night so they don’t ever lose their spot…which i can understand but isn’t exactly fair to those who want to get on their server but can’t.

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Yeah, but then people will just start using bots and macros, to move their character around to avoid the AFK timer.

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I would like it if they can manage to get up to 200 player cap when our playerbase gets big enough lol

If the anti-cheat program can’t detect bots and macros I wonder why we are forced to use it? I understand the best bots are undetectable but lets be honest most people going AFK aren’t going to invest in that level of sophistication and cheating.

ESO had a major problem with players just holding down one key 24/7 to level grind. They implemented a kick program and 99.9999% of the rubber band grinding stopped. Yes, there are still bots in the game but it did at least stop the ones that are not willing to spend hundreds to thousands of dollars for a customized undetectable cheat program (I have no idea how much it costs but I’d guess its not cheap).

Funcom needs to implement an AFK logout timer ASAP! There are several people logging in right after server restart and just camping a spot until they want to play. there are over 10 people who have been logged in for over 14 hours now. Several of us can’t get in because of the AFK campers!

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They need to fix the base hame on ps4 before doing server stuff

Ping is actually pretty useless to evaluate server performance. Friend of mine set up a Conan server on his work servers with 70 slots. I get a lightning 4 ping no matter how occupied the server is but if we are 70 players online and everyone are working hard (moving around a lot), mass combat and things like that the server CPU are lagging behind and have huge problems, still 4 ping though.

The server have an Intel Xeon Platinum 8180 with 28 cores / 56 threads and Conan server to not utilise that many cores so well. This meaning that some cores are under heavy load and another core more or less no load answers the ping request.

You are overreacting on this. Current situation is the result of the initial hype and does not represent the value of the game itself. Once players level to 60, explore all the zones and realize early access bugs and exploits are stil a thing in this game, they will leave. Servers will be half empty by the end of August.

Ok so after playing for several days. (With my current group of 7 and growing people as we all get the game.) We have a severe problem getting into the server, It took me 2 hours yesterday to get it. The only reason i had the time to waste on that is i didn’t have anything better to do that day than try and try again till i got in with a handful of my buddies. While i would love the server size to increase don’t get me wrong. that is not the real issue at this very moment. They need to make a special program that looks for people who are afk farming/macroing botting on ps4/pc/xbox to kick them out to make room for those of us who want to play. Because this is very irritating. Adding more slots will do one of two things. Make it slightly easier to get in or add more afk campers… So we need to eliminate the major problem first.

It’s been 2 days and i haven’t been able to get back on the server my friend and i started on. I wish they would at least turn off the ruin system for now because at this rate my base is going to decay and there is literally nothing i can do about it.

AND, you get XP for being alive.

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