Creature taming wishes

Now that creature taming has been confirmed in the works…

Since there are so many different types of meats and plants/berries/seeds in the game, I’m hoping creature taming is going to involve capturing a baby and then at least in part feeding it the sort of snacks it likes. Maybe even a system where a baby elk could be fed plant fiber but berries would speed things up or last longer as “fuel”, which I believe is already coded for thrall breaking.

Which leads me to all but demanding that baby rocknoses be able to be fed rocks for this purpose, or ironstone/brimstone/crystals if you feel particularly rewarding. At least based on my pet theory that they hang out around iron fields and particularly hate you mining them because you’re stealing their dinner.

Anyhow, I’m sure the systems on this are pretty far along already so hopefully these are less suggestions and more preliminary kudos.

Two words for the future though: pack animals. Or specifically: pack crocodile.

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Pack of Spiders that shoot crippling poison. :crazy_face: