*CROM!* desperately needs an overhaul!

Welcome to the discussion rigultru!

Myself also rigultru. Not just because he is my favourite, but also because unlike the other gods, there is no way to learn his religion after progressing beyond the character creation screen.

Me too rigultru, and its nice to chat to another man of Crom. And hypothetically speaking, I personally wouldnt mind at all if his weapons and armor were simple reskins of existing classes, of if his placeables were purely ornamental and did not actually produce anything. Heck, I wouldnt even mind if they generated negative outcomes, such as a weapon which drains health points, or a placeable which emits corruption to try and make them even closer to the lore again.

What matters to me personally at least is not having a means to generate in-game benefits or rewards, but having the ability to display my allegiance and loyalty to my chosen deity.

Yes Crom needs work. His shrine should be a forge that let’s you get iconic weapons and armor engraved with the riddle of steel. However please lets not necro threads that should have been locked a long time ago.

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I have a feeling Hugo is a loyal servant of crom. Praise be

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except that third thing. make it negative so you can become stronger by Crom bringing you more hardship.

I realize this is an ancient thread, but it’s also near the top of the Suggestions forum, suggesting (lol) that it’s still a relevant thing that people want to talk about.

My two cents: Any Crom-related objects or items added to the game need to NOT be religious in nature. A statue of Crom would be a reminder of his desire for us to make our own path instead of an idol of worship; a sword made in his name wouldn’t be an artifact of religion, it’d be an extremely effective weapon befitting a savage god like him.

Perhaps said sword could be made of a new type of steel that you’d have to perform several extra steps to craft. Hardened steel is relatively easy to make (black ice + steel = simple); maybe you’d have to start with ironstone (instead of iron bars) and add carbon (either mined or somehow crafted from coal), steelfire, and maybe some other element that either I haven’t thought of or that doesn’t exist ingame yet. You’d get…ionno, “high-carbon steel,” which would need to be heated before you’d be able to craft with it, and if you wait too long it’ll cool and need to be heated again. You’d probably also need a special hilt of some sort, perhaps made of hardened steel or even star metal (somewhat of a reversal, since at the moment star metal is second only to eldarium in effectiveness), and you’d have to craft them together to finally make the sword. Maybe there could even be a chance of failure along the way, like a 5% chance to mess up crafting the blade and get a “flawed blade” that you’d then have to smelt back into high-carbon steel bars (at a loss, of course) in order to try again.

If you succeeded in crafting the sword, maybe it’d have comparitively stupid high durability and a strength and/or grit bonus?

That all sounds so evilly tedious that I personally would probably never actually bother making said sword, but it’d probably make Crom very happy.

No he can’t, he never cared about learning to read ^^

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Options 1 and 2 would be awesome. A fitting tribute to Crom, strong atop his mountain!

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Umm…if its near the top of the forum, then obviously it is still relevant and people do want to talk about. It was certainly ‘relevant’ enough to make you want to post a reply on it, and your first in 12 months at that. Furthermore, with 289 posts and 45 ‘likes’, I would say that its relevance is beyond a doubt.

My thread doesnt close. Aside from the recent close, which I was informed was automated and also unintended.

This thread is my love, my pride and passion here on the forum, and it represents 2.5 years worth of researching in my spare time and lobbying for change. It represents to me a topic which ALL members should be allowed to have a say and a group discussion on, not just those who happened to be using the forum on that week. Moreover, I actively try to update the thread constantly with more lore referenced Crom facts whenever I happen upon them. However, Crom facts can be very difficult to happen upon. Furthermore, its hard to do so as regularly as I would like, as my work is very demanding and a I also have family. In addition, I treat it as a petition; if a person would indeed like to see Crom recieve some additional artifacts or goodies, then I encourage them to ‘sign it’, by liking the Original Post. Both of which I explained quite clearly in the OP here:

Now with all of this said after we could have been discussing your ideas instead, I actually really liked both of your ideas! No I mean it.

Starbuck1771 I love that you happen to share my sentiments on a Crom Forge and some iconic weapon and armor items! Hypothetically speaking, if we had Conan’s fathers iconic sword from the film, which I am led to believe is called The Draconian, it could be regarded as a Crom weapon. The sword was forged as a tribute to the great god himself, with the runes etched on the blade translated as meaning: “Suffer no shame ye who wield this in the name of Crom”.

And Carnaxus, yes…my logic exactly, and on several points too! I agree with your underpinning logic on a statue of mighty Crom. And even better again, there is lore to support it. A statue of Crom seated on his throne can be found in a cave on the eastern side of Mount Crom, which attracts his faithful (Conan the Valorous). A replica of this statue would be great. And that same logic we agree upon for a sword is exactly what lead to the creation of the Sword of Crom, and later Crom’s Hammer. If we were to go for another sword then a one-handed option may be the best bet for the sake of variety. Alternatively, I feel that a two-handed Greataxe would make for a fitting tribute. And yes, I would indeed be prepared to devote the time needed to crafting an “evilly tedious” weapon. Anything for Crom!!


Spoken like a true and wise nord, and for that matter faithful Cimmerian @Nord-Oskilgetinn. :metal: Respect. I appreciate your patronage and support on this important issue. A forge, weapons and armor receive a lot of support here. If you are indeed sure, then I encourage you to ‘like’ the Original Post, and add your name to the call to make this much needed change finally happen.


Crom’s “weapons” are blasphemously puny. Yet you exhaust yourself, fumbling to use them.

Except they aren’t exactly Crom’s weapons are they my dear Chaonike…? They are just the toils of bold, likeminded zealots, hell bent on displaying their allegiance and loyalty. Crom’s Hammer could do with improved base damage, but the buffs to Strength and Grit are welcomed. The Sword of Crom wasn’t always ‘puny’. It once had a high base damage of 121. However it was nerfed hard when a sub-set of players complained that “this Sword of Crom hits too hawrdd…” Bah, I would exhaust myself into an early grave to pay tribute to Crom. Hardship is the way after all.

How, and where, do I ‘add’ my name to the call?