Cultural armors and building sets

What cultural armors and building sets would you like to see most in Conan Exiles?

  • Æsir
  • Nemedian
  • Kushite
  • Vendhyan
  • Corinthian
  • Kothian
  • Brythunian
  • Gundermen

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As nude and barbaric as possible LOL
But not ugly and maybe show some riches of your plunder

Can you maybe add some images of the style? Would make voting a lot easier :wink:

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Wait, why are these checkboxes if we can only select one? :frowning:

EDIT: It doesn’t matter, I can’t decide properly anyway, so I’ll just type my answer. When it comes to building pieces, Vendhyan and Kothian are what I would love to see. When it comes to the armor, it’s Kushite, hands down.

Aesir for both.

I’d also like actual Stygian building pieces, and not just furniture, and hell, armour as well. I love Stygian stuff.

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How do i vote all? :joy:

More of this for sure, it is cool w more custom textures for building pieces & armors imo i would love spme tmog system or alteast that u choose ur crafting armor style then farm recipies that contains the stat u can throw on the armor :grin:

I dunno, I was just kinda playing around with the option for fun. What should I have done?

I don´t even know what half of that would look like. I am sorry, can´t vote.

But what I really would like to see is the following things:

  1. all sets should be named correctly (for ex. wall01_sandstone, wall01_brick, wall01_blackice. Some of the Dlc building pieces have odd names, don´t even get labbeld as walls)

  2. all sets should have the same variants. vaulted ceilings for every versions, Tier1 gate for sandstone and so on. New animal pen designs that fit to their Dlc counterpart

  3. all walls and doors should get an “indoor” version. I hate it to look at outdoor walls inside my rooms.

  4. more new building pieces for all building sets. spiral stairs, curved roofs, attached windows and windows with glas or metal beams that can´t be looted through so you have the chance to actually use windowed walls in pvp servers too. New archtypes smaller ones 2x2, double doors, more fence options, chimneys and pillars. Not to forget half walls and gates.

  5. More T1 and T2 Building sets. People deserve it to get more variety in early game.

  6. The yellowish sandstone set needs to become a more earthy tone neutral color one. After 4 years I can´t stand it anymore. I have to say it like it is. Sandstone could be used a lot more in building if it wouldn´t have this ugly yellow color. It doesn´t really match with anything else. Everyone tries to get rid of it as soon as possible and its not only because its T1. This is a shame. It shouldn´t be like this, at least not on pve and pve-c servers.

I know that there are mods out for a lot of this stuff. But honestly. I would prefer having nice things directly from Funcom. There is a lot what they could offer. I love building in the game but it also frustrates me a lot of times, because stuff doesn´t match well or I only have the option to use a specific building set because I like the arches but can not have it with another set I would more prefer.

I am mostly building with stormglass right know. The black and gold design looks very pretty. Especially the windows and the vaulted ceilings. I want to see more of that stuff. It can be combinated well with other building sets. And thats what I am looking for.


lets have it all.

I voted Nemedian, but really all of them would be nice.

But really that’s just because I feel like some armor more based off of AoC are likelly to come out, and there are still some great armor designs in that game i would love to see ported over - two of which are the full nemedian scout, and the nemedian legionary armors. There’s even a pretty good base design for a Nemedian knight, but as a Mod already provides that one for free it would give some room for the artists to use that concept and evolve it some, if it suited their fancy.

I would also be super fun to have Vendhyan DLC, but only if there were also Venhyan NPC’s running around as well.

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I don’t know, I would like more practical armors, for ancient civilizations feel. But it depends on the culture we pick.

Yeah, more Stygian stuff would be great. There is also a mod that adds stygian building pieces, you might like it.

I’ve seen the mod before, but I’m a console player so it’s not available to me. Honestly, I wouldn’t use mods even if they were available to me.

Thanks anyway.

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