Currently state of conan on the ps4

Hello, im writing this because i want to kwon everyones opinion in the current state of the game here is mine:

I think is like rust game only more vanilla not gona lie is one of the few survivals competitive domination games actually good in the market but it needs a lot of work 200% sure if the game get work well done in terms of getting content ,bug fix etc will be the new popular game like fortnite is kwon i will say.

With that say i want to put a few points out that in ps4 is ruining the game.

  • energy glitch ( u can have unlimited energy)

  • better trhalls system , having multiples options for your trhalls in order to get better defences or better raids w them more comands etc

  • better npc and monster system w better rewards , almost 100% of the times we do steal runs trhalls are not hard to kill kwon they implement shield is most easy i just kick trhalls w shield and they die…

Some extras ideas that in the future will be interesting:

  • war w factions: there is many factions in the game get wars betew factions like world of warcraft or skyrim online will be deffinily interesting for the game

You forget the worse bug we have at moment,
A Lot of people cannot log in, cause server list is slow like a hell. Or cause all te server are full of AFK , so the server is full and you cannot enter, that is the first thing they have to fix ,
I like the game a lot, but when you cannot play cause you cannot enter your server … you will lost your will to play,