Cuts in SWL cutscenes/dialogues


He does not mention Kaoru in TSW in any dialogue option as of today. So if it was cut, it was cut from TSW as well, which makes no sense.


Ricky’s reference to Kaoru’s tattoo is still there, it’s in the opening for Through the Wake.


ok thy i got that wrong then


He did mention her at one point, whether in a mission cutscene or elsewhere. he says something along the lines of he doesn’t care what she has in her pants if I’m not mistaken or at least something in that direction.

Whether or not it’s still there in TSW right now, I don’t know. I do remember talk about it being removed. I don’t know why.

Never had a problem with it. Danny is 16, right? Cassandra was (at least by all appearances) 19 I think it was. Not a big deal at all.

Now you can argue that she might be older. MUCH older, but the thing is: we don’t know. Not until she shows back up again and maybe we learn more about her backstory.


That’s in a cutscene as I recall. I went through the dialogue options only; as memory serves, the cutscenes weren’t changed.

ETA: I know why this rumor spread. People remembered wrong and couldn’t be arsed to check.

Screenshot taken in SWL 5 seconds ago.


Yea, that’s the quote I was thinking of. I’m not sure why people keep saying it was removed.


Yeah i thought this was the part they were refering to. It’s where it has always been =)


There was a lot of feedback / complaints in the SWL beta forums about the missing portion of the opening dream sequence, but the devs didn’t change it back to the TSW version.

The reason for cutting the dream sequence seems to be a feeling by the suits that the opening cut scenes go on ‘too long’ before a new player gets into ‘the action’. I recall hearing this in an interview somewhere.


Since we’re having this conversation about Ricky Pagan, if you’ve not seen the movie Wild Zero, you really should. It’s a great, fun movie where a lot of the references in that part of Kaiden come from.


Going to second the Wild Zero recommend; it’s a fun movie! Just be careful if you decide to play the drinking game!