Daily "validate integrity of game files"

Lately I have started to “validate integrity of game files” every day in the hope of suppressing game crashes (my character is walking or running across some terrain and … I am on my windows desktop. Frequently the same spots on the map).

What I notice is that every day it fails to validate several files. Usually either 4 or 7. No way to know which ones of course. Steam automatically downloads those files. If I then validate again, all is good. Next day, same thing again.

I have checked the disk (although not very recently) when this started occurring. I doubt that the disk that contains the files is going bad. I suspect something else is going on.

Any ideas?

What sort of storage are you using, an HD or SSD?

The location that cause you to crash, are there large builds there/notable map elements?

If you can, try a different hard drive for the game files.

The game / steam installation is on an HD (6GB Western Digital). The location where it used to crash a lot was right next to my base. Hasn’t been doing that lately though and that area has become busier with construction.

Recently it has been doing it a lot in an area on Siptah with no construction around.

In the past on the Exiled Lands map it could crash with the same error pretty much anywhere on the map.

I can try to move the installation to a different (physical) HD, will have to check how much space I need.

Regards, C.

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