Damage Output - How do people test?

So after a conversation on Discord it was reported to me that there’s no observable UI feedback that gives you how much damage your attacks are doing other than the floating HP bar. I expected this for console but am surprised that damage values aren’t available on PC.

Several workarounds were suggested based on single player testing where you capture a Thrall npc and basically reverse extrapolate damage values (look at max hp while the Thrall is friendly and then test on the same aggro npc) but that seems incredibly inefficient and problematic in trying to observe the impact of multiple variables like Feats, Attributes, Armor Values, and varying attacks in attack chain combos.

So I’m turning to the forum community.

  • How do you all try to measure how much damage your doing or look for build breakpoints?
  • How is bleed damage calculated?
  • How is Armor Value calculated?

Any help would be greatly appreciate. Thanks!

If you dont have a friend willing to play test dummy you can always place naked thrall (bearer, fighter, dancer, archer) and hit him. Since you know his HP and armor value (can see it in thralls menu, while managing his inventory) you can get some information about damage you are doing.

I don’t know the exact formula, but you can get your current armor stats in character details. All you have to do is to put on different pieces of armor and invest attribute point in the Agility tree.

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Thank you that’s helpful. Do we know what Agility actually does? The tool tip “Agility - Agility is a measure of ability to move when wearing different clothing types. It has a direct effect on armor” is a bit vague.

So confused right now. I’ve been testing in admin panel in offline Singleplayer and this is what happened:

Thrall dummy = Tier 4 Blackhand Archer
Max HP = 1000
Weapon used = 1handed stone sword
Weapon damage value = 12
Feats/Attributes = 0
Number of attacks until Thrall death using looped Light Attack chain only = 15
All damage modifier on default 1.0

Why is it only taking 15 attacks to kill the NPC?

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Agility is your armor value. Adding points to your Agility increases your character’s armor amount.

To test using NPC humanoids, spawn them as converted thralls. Then you can make them nude, check their health levels and do easy deductions when you hit them with a strike or combo.

Im, not 100% sure but a think sword does bleed damage stackable up to 20, and cripple. by time you get to the tenth strike it probably has at least 6 stacks of bleed at the least :wink:if it is 2 handed sword, sunder reduces armor rating, therefore less hits, more damage, and also stackable i think

most of the calculations are done with math

There are a number of factors like kind of attack, heavy vs light. Combo chain, strength value, armor penetration and debuffs. Thralls on top of that have different values bonus built in.

Basically it is done with math. It isn’t a min max situation. Pick the weapon that works best for you don’t worry about damage.

Generally I think most people run with an Axe and a spear or two hand sword. (or Daggers for bleed)

So +Agility is an additional point in raw Armor Value regardless of the type?

On testing criteria:
See I did just that though. That’s what I’m not understanding. You’d think it’d be simple subtraction with modifying variables removed (like feat bonuses, strength attribute bonuses) on a known HP total Thrall (1000).

There’s clearly some other damage multiplier involved (keep in mind I have everything at default).
It took a 12 damage weapon (1handed stone sword) only 15 light attack chain strikes to kill the NPC with 1000 HP. I had “Godmode” command toggled but to my knowledge that just gives me invulnerability.

So we can easily see that 12 x 15 does not equal 1000.

I’m assuming you’re trying to be helpful and not trolling but I’m asking the specific “type of math” here. As in I’m trying to understand how all of these variables mechanically function.

Thanks for the reply. 1handed sword (the testing weapon) does cripple. Even then though I only used the light attack combo chain.

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Sorry i wasn’t more helpful, i don’t use single handed sword, its a shame we cant see when those debuffs are applied, to at least the Bosses, and how many stacks, maybe after things get fixed i’ll make a post in suggestions :slight_smile:

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