Dancing on my last straw

I’m sorry, but what is going on here and now, on the test servers and in the forum is the biggest issue with funcom. Wasting assets.

There is all of what? Maybe 12 people testing, and that was before thethethethethethethe server issues we are having now. That funcom seems disinclined to do anything about but hand us placations.

How do you expect us to test a game for fixes and bugs ON A BROKEN SERVER? Has any one filed a bug report? Has anyone verified any of the fixes? No? I wonder why.

And I supposed funcom is just amazed when all these bugs pop up when updates goes live.

I have to wonder at this point if funcom is trying to tank their own game? You have a test server use it properly, there is no reason to send bugs live that can be squashed during proper testing. You have experienced game testers playing the game, give them some motivation and they will jump on, test your game, and file proper bug reports.

I can, and have. Hell I alpha, beta tested games and apps for a few years. But most of the time I was treated like a valued tester, not so much portage. Or another complainer to be ignored. I’m used to talking with the developers, even playing the games with them. But this, we get copy and paste response from a community manager that can do little more then send it up to the next dept. Which in turn can ignore it at their leisure.

Why does it seem we the players; or at least myself, feel like we care more about Conan then the developers? I want Conan to be the best game it can be, but it can’t like this. Bargain basement servers, miss managed test servers, and with players far more emotionally invested in to the game then the developers are.

In my opinion funcom is tanking their own game and I don’t understand why.

Our experiences on testlive are prime examples of just what is wrong with this game.


I feel for you please keep up the good work us console players depend on You. Thank you :blush: :heartbeat: :relaxed:. @DeaconElie


As a console player I am afraid that I got again the feeling I am being the first one who is testing it for consoles when the next chapter is going live.

And I am just hoping the old bugs are fixed. Until today I am not able to do any spell of the big 3.0 sorcery update. And sorry but I have the feeling that funcom doesn’t care about it.

Currently I owned only the sandstone set (even if I don’t use it) and also the battlepass. I hope it will be better with the next update because I really want this stormglas sets. But there are so many really game breaking issues how can I spend more money into this?

I understand that there are big issues that need time. But how it could be that all tents and decorations in sepermeru are still invisible. Funcom be aware… I think Conan is a little bit angry and he wants the stuff back your sorcerers made invisible us exiles. Also the foundation of the derketo shrine is still invisible. This is the only magic i can see at the moment.

I am writing this while I am waiting that my base doors load in… I am waiting for 20 minutes now and still no door. I know this for years now… I learned to live with this because I don’t saw any reaction or fix from funcom over all the time.


Theres a Thread pointing out Testserver is being weird yesterday and Staff did take note of it.

I havn’t followed up on that thread.

They are aware. And its also Saturday Now… which means waiting till Monday. (or not)

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Deacon.exe has stopped responding

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The testlive server I am on (Public Test Server-US-PVE-C-Isle of Siptah) was last restarted on 16 November. Today is 19 November and NPCs during melee combat are clipping again.

Recommend all Test servers are restarted daily.



The test server I’m on, is acting up again after 3 days since the last server restart.

who plays on testlives? what is teh reward to do so? we do n ot even get to keep whatever we collect there…

only reason to enter a test server is get in, check if changes affect ur base and get the f out…

as on everything FC needs to place rewards if they want players to get involved…

and btw… the sorcery update brought some people in for a month… i wonder how many times they will do it… intead of focusing on what drives people away (bad server performance, ban hammer policy , persistent bugs etc) they r focused on a new update…
for how long u think this will be their lifesaving boat? all people i know of that returned after sorcery introduction (take note: one of the most wanted and long awaited updates in game) , LEFT because of the numerous glitches!!!

they obviously need someone to tell them what they be doing wrong…

because they seem to miss the point here on forums

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This :point_up_2:
Sorcery did not drive players away, sorcery is/was amazeballs! Game breaking hardware resource gluttony, from new 3.0 , drove people away!

This Update Works great on all platforms…
other platforms…

I have to wonder if they don’t drop updates like this on test simply to get it out there for content creators?
I have seen more videos about the addition of a waste of fur; or at least a thrall slot, then bug reports in the testlive forum.

Seems the last thing they are concerned with is actually testing the game. I think it’s present state is proof enough of that.

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Would be awesome if test servers were available on consoles too. I feel as though a vast majority of the problems arise on consoles because they assume the problems don’t exist after PC.

Would be even more awesome if they worked. Testlive apparently doesn’t get restarts till the server crashes; it’s been over a week since theystarted. You can well imagine how unplayable they are right now.

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Yeah, I recall helping run a dedicated server and would constantly get complaints when people couldn’t get in. Had to log into gportal regularly to restart it. I grew tired of it myself. One of the reasons I stopped playing on my own dedicated server, let alone being inclined to pay for one. Adminning sucks. Still to this day, idk if gportal had an auto restart system in place for console servers.


Gportal does have a restart. Ours turns off around 5:20 am depending on time zone and daylight savings time. A test live for Consoles would help since we have different issues.


Good to know… still not enough to want to pay for one again though. Maybe if Funcom bans me permanently from official servers I may at least join someone else’s… or go back to co-op. :unamused: anyway, yeah, a test live would be nice for console, but I don’t believe that’s possible due to the requirements to have a proper running game to release an update (contrary to the broken garbage we usually get). Test servers are usually updated on the fly… we don’t have that luxury.


Was telling my wife about the lack of server reset and she says even I know that needs to be done daily. Little sarcasm towards Funcom I believe. @DeaconElie . Her next comment just how stupid is that . How do they expect testers to discover problems?

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I understand we play on official couple of private servers and our own. Gets to easy to cheat on your own server. Other than Transmog bench staying away from Sorcery.


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