Dancing Platform station for dancers/entertainers

Dancer thralls are used by a lot of people for decoration. How about having an item called “Dancing Platform” that is a small wooden circle a foot high, about a foundation in diameter, where the dancer could be placed to dance?

The dancing platform would have a one slot inventory where a dancer (or maybe also a bearer) could be placed. The dancer would dance only, and provide healing buffs, but would not be able to fight… He/she would just keep dancing, like the crafting thrall keep crafting, and would not be interact-able.

Perhaps the dancing platform itself could be use to assign the type of dance the owner wanted the entertainer to perform. Also, the dancer on the platform would not count towards player/clan follower caps.

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I like this idea, and would expand it to include various musical instruments as “crafting stations” too, so our Entertainer could be set to play the drums, or a harp, or a ukulele. In fact, I wouldn’t really mind turning Entertainer thralls into “crafter” thralls so that they’d need a workstation in our base - whether a table to dance on, or a musical instrument to play. Sure, they’re occasionally useful to bring with us into dungeons and places with Corruption, but I suspect most people are using them only in their bases and would rather bring a thrall who is a better fighter into dungeons.


I like the idea of musical instruments having a slot for an entertainer, so they can play. As for making entertainers solely crafting thralls, I don’t like that. Why can’t they be both? Yes, I do like to run the undead city with a dancer thrall, and having some eye-candy following me around is nice sometimes.

This would probably require an entirely new thrall type because once you place a thrall in the world, it stops being an “item” - you can’t pick it up and place it in a container or workbench anymore.

Maybe there’s no reason why you couldn’t use a dancer as a “crafter” thrall up until you place them in the world - so as long as you never place the thrall out so they become a follower, they could be used as a “crafting station thrall” - but especially now, after the thrall leveling system has been introduced, picking up an existing follower isn’t going to work.

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Good point. I like your idea of it being a crafter type until placed in the world… That seems like a good solution.

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