Dark Agartha boss damage in E15 not in line with other E-levels

Bosses in E15 Dark Agartha do about 4 times the damage of E17.
Only tested Truthtainter Orkan and Security 5, because gosh darn it, it was a bit of work to get through that first boss.

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As in regular play, bosses on any given day can be easy to go against, or really impossible if given the right set of circumstances.

Was your AA too far into survival to do sufficient damage? You should be able to get through most bosses at a 90/10 split; 90 damage/10 survival.

I find the statement of E15 bosses doing more damage than E17 bosses to be a little suspect, but I am intrigued enough to investigate it myself.

Just as a tip; the best gadget to take with you into Dark Agartha is The Hoop or the Purification Drone. The fights against Truthtainter and Security 5 will go a lot smoother with either of those gadgets.

Yes, this is most definitely broken; I would advise everyone to not attempt this until it’s fixed.

Yes, i do actually test things quite thoroughly before posting about something (or someone) being wrong.
Next time I’ll make sure to describe in more detail and post plenty of screenshots to lessen your doubts.

I did test the exact same first boss from E13 to E17, and the second boss in E15 and E17. I had no trouble clearing the whole E17 DA.


That’s how it goes in Forumland, Rutto.

Thanks for catching this. There was an error in the export formulas that caused E15 to have the wrong damage baseline. We’ll get this fixed :slight_smile: