Dark Barbarian Dlc; A Call for Greater Brutality

Hello Devs

First i thank you for the great game
Seconed i have a request :

This game is all about barbarians , so why can’t you add a barbarian pack which includes tuture tools and building’s parts and dark prisons and such , why can’t we be able to run a gladiators arenas to enjoy as a war lords and have some barbaric moments with our prisoners
Why can’t we be able to choose from our slaves to fight in barbaric structures and death traps to test our metal !!

It will be and epic Dlc .


This sounds like something much better suited as a mod. I believe there are some that cater to your… desires… available already, though I can’t remember the names.


Hi Elnaser80 and welcome to the community. For the record, I dont dont support the concept of gladiator style arena battles, not because it is a bad idea, quite the opposite it would be cool. However, the problem is that it would probably prove to difficult to implement.

Now your idea for more gore and brutality on the other hand is one that I can really get behind! In fact, I advocated for such changes in my first suggestions list:

> 12. More Brutality:

Thralls chained to boulders, in cages, you name it. We are conquerers in a savage world after all! The ability to have skull trees and impaled skeletons at home would really improve the atmosphere around the house.

We need as you mentioned, torture tool ornaments, thralls in dark prisons. In addition, things such as thralls chained to boulders and impaled/crucified skeletons, placeable Stretching Rack, Iron Maiden and Throne of Agony decorations, archways made out of bones, black fountains which pour blood, foot bridges made from charred bones, horrific looking gargoyles and demon statues, dead blackened trees and spiky thorned bushes, Goblets made out of Skulls. And so on…

In short…more brutality! After all this isnt supposed to be a land of smiles and rainbows; its the Conan universe. As I stated in my previous suggestions list, we are conquers in a savage world, please allow us to live as such if we wish to do so. Does anyone share my sentiment on this one?

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