Dead Body gone After death, no Meteorits falling

Game mode: [ Singleplayer/Koop]
Problem: [ Bug]
Region: [Germany]

  1. Every time I die in the game, my dead Body is gone, including my stuff. Same issue with pets.
  2. Spended many hours real Life time in the western mountains to find starmetal, but there has not been one meteor falling or lying arround

Does anibody have the same issues?

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

I don’t play offline much. It may be due to your settings you could set to no loss on death. Not sure about your pets. When you logout of your offline game it’s like turning off the server so things on a timer like star metal are basically put on pause. One my server we have seen Meteors from just below the frost giant Obelisk to just above eyelet lake. @Vanir.muc

I already adjusted the settings to not dropping my stuff after death. But its still unusual, that my dead body will disappear instantly after death. Like I said same to the pets. In the beginning at lower levels this did not appear. :thinking:

I spendet ours for ours without logging out of the game in the north next to the temple. But still no meteoroids. So no star metal weapons and tools for my char. :pensive:


I am going into a offline game and look around

Do you play online at all? And you are on ps4 right.

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No I’m not playing online. Just singleplayer. Yes in PS 4

Thanks for your help. :+1:

I went up north in my offline game couldn’t find any starmetel went into admin still no good. Left the game running around 4 hrs or more found starmetel by icekeeper hollow. It does move around on my private server had to move a base from earlier last year that gets hit now by meteor. As far as loosing everything on death with your settings I don’t know let myself get killed a couple times just spawned back at bedroll only pets that died where killed before me. 2 people who may have a idea I will invite. @Croms_Faithful @Narelle thanks for any help you can give.

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  • Meteors - since the world is only partially loaded when playing single-player, the meteors won’t fall unless you are in the area. The meteors will attempt to spawn once every 30 mins as long as you are in their area. It may take a while still as the chance is not 100%.

  • About the body, I have no idea sorry. I know that on PC we have a setting to decide how quickly the body should despawn but you are on PS4 so you have no access to that setting. I am also not playing single-player so I can’t say whether this is something common or not.


They wall fall good distance away. Well beyond the normal loading most of the stuff does.
Just not like PC, were you you can see them coming in from half map away. I’ve seen them fall good enoungh distance out plently of times.
I’ve log out and in, and had them fall within 5mins, and sometimes never… like Wow… RNG sucks!

I dont think SP has a timer. Itlest like PC does. I tend to just sit in my small little hut and stare out southward not to far from Obliesk, eat some food in real life, and be reaady to run out for them. XD

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Thank you. Should have thought to ask you to begin with.

Thanks for your answers. Still there were no meteors so more time to wait. :pensive:

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Are iron nodes spawning in properly and coal? Just wondering if your slider for materials spawning is off.

Thanks @sestus2009 for the summons, and apologies for the tardy reply.

Vanir.muc I am a purely Offline Singleplayer myself also ps4, so I know your frustrations through the rigours of experience, especially having played since launch time. There are two possibilities I would examine here.

1) Time: This may not be the issue, as you have already professed to waiting there for very long periods, but I wi cover it just incase. As Narelle stated meteors will not spawn in singleplayer mode unless you are in the relevant area of the map. However, it is also based on chance (also as Narelle stated) with a chance to spawn after the time period has elapsed. However…I also recall reading that the probability percentage of a spawn also increases after every 30 minute block. So hence, having waiting in the alotted area for say 3 hours will yield a greater probability of a spawn than say 30 mins to 1 hour. I usually beging to see them emerge on my game at around the ~1.5 to 2 hours mark. What I have actively encouraged multiple users to do in the past is to park your character on or close to what I call ‘The Twins’, the two large statues south-west of the Temple of Frost at coordinates E,13 on the map(?) if memory serves me correctly. Stock up on food and water supplies and anything you need to crack them open, and park your character on a high ledge or one of the statues themselves, where you will not be constantly harassed by predators. Now literally wait a looong time. Face South overlooking the woods and up towards the horizon, then leave your character stationary and just wait. If you have a portable DVD player, literally watch a film and leave Conan Exiles (with volume on) on in the background. No Im not trolling or being cheeky, this will help pass some time, and let you keep an eye/ear on it in the background. You will literally hear and notice them when they come. Only interact to top you characters food and water up where required, and avoid wandering.

2) Invisible Meteors: We havent really looked at this possibility yet in this thread. I have had this issue come and go a couple of times on me since lauch. Basically, after the alotted period of time meteors DO actually spawn in (sometime in their shell, sometimes without). However the game does not play the actual meteor animation and sounds. And as such they simply appear in their landing place without ANY visual or auditory cues. So…if after a few hours you still have not seen any appear, my advice would be to then scour common landing places. High on my list of recommendations would be the woods you were overlooking, south of The Twins and north of Eyelet Lake. Also be sure to check for any lodged in the side of the cliffs you climbed down, and thereafter the snowy slopes north of the twins moving closer towards the lava flow. They may or may not be emitting smoke like they should be. Also bear in mind that meteor showers (whether visible or not) occour in 2 types: type A is a lone meteor which could be hard to spot, howeber type B is around 6+ meteors all falling together. Type B is of course easier to spot through random searching. So again…be patient in your searches, as your odds of getting a meteor shower, and for that matter at type B, will increase with time. Best of luck Vanir.muc!

Im also not sure what could be causing this. Vanir.muc does your dead body (grave icon) appear on the map after you die? And regarding your Pets, do you mean that the Pets in question disappeared after you die or after they die? I will advise accordingly based on your answer.

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So you play singleplayer . Well sometimes traveling with map room will give you your solutions . Since you are single player go admin mode and fix maprooms to all your obelisks , if you are bored to gather materials . @Wak4863 has videos where to find star metal ores . Every day you log in travel to the frost keep ,make a small round and go back ,if you don’t find . Return at least after 1 hour . Another way to know when you will have Meteor shower ,is to build North of the village to the mount of the dead , this is a fantastic spot because of 2 very important things …

  1. You can hear the meteor shower
  2. The purge is the Cimmerian Berserker and it’s one of the best purge you will experience in the game .
    About the lost bodies either you experience a bug ,either you did something wrong to the admin panel .The way I do it is to log out and log in , most of the times all the bugs disappear with this action .
    Good luck have fun :wink:.

Thank you all for your help. I will try out letting my char stand around while doing some other stuff. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

After death I don’t even get a gravestone icon on the map. So I guess this Must be a bug.

According to the pets. They despawn instantly after the pet dies in battle.

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My pleasure Vanir.muc. given that you have already invested much time into standing around waiting for them, and certainly if you have already had your character for over 1.5 to 2 hrs in the aforementioned areas, I would shift focus. Wait there for around that long again (I know, sorry buddy I know its tedious), and then as I mentioned go for a good walk down around the areas we mentioned previously and see if you can see if any meteors spawn on the ground without actually falling, ie-what we called the ‘invisible’ ones. If at this point you still cannot find any, I would conclude it is a bug. At which point I see only two recourse options: cheat yourself some using the Admin Panel or collect and Dismantle enemy weapons and armor!

Option 1-If you are comfortable with doing this then press Options > Settings > using R2 go over to Server Settings > General > then select the ‘Make Me Admin’ option as you did previously. Now exit back to the game. Press Options again, but instead of Settings choose ‘Admin Panel’ instead. Go to the search bar on the right and enter ‘star metal’. You can then spawn yourself star metal ore or bars from the ‘resources’ column. The way I see it is it is not cheating if the game cheated you out of it; you are only correcting a computer glitch. Alternatively…

Option 2-If you still dont feel right about this, you can still obtain star metal via loot, it will just be a bit slower. Kill Forgotten Tribe faction members (Cimmerians) in the Mounds of the Dead in the Tundra biome. Then collect their weapons and armor and put them through the Dismantling bench to recover star metal this way. If broken on the Wheel of Pain, they often have star metal weapons on them when the process is finished. You can also get it from items World Boss Legendary Chests too if you are ready yo battle them. Finally, they are also random loot drops in Chests (esp. in Tundra), but are pretty rare this way.

Yep, that would be my guess for this one too.

Vanir.muc are you aware of the Rescue feature for followers? If you die before your Pet, then go to your inventory screen (big black button) > use R2 to go across to ‘Followers’ > press X on the desired Pet/follower > then select ‘Rescue’. A warning will then show, proceed with Yes if the terms are acceptable to you.

Let me know if any of this helps ok?

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Pets also break combat and start heading home. (depending on SP or its a Server) they’ll go “home”
aka last spot you told them to wait.
For me, I often find them at some random location on map, were i told them to wait so I could gather on a hillside. XD

SP, the AI is off at certain distance, so your follower most of time doesnt engage like it does on live server. Rescue option is kinda last resort, since it removes the items they had.

New laptop, so dont have any of screen shots handy, If I get a chance, i’ll post some of my spots I have little wait hutts at.

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He can also use tracking in the thralls list and spot them on map.

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For Thralls, who are usually decked out with gear I couldnt agree more Ser67. But for Pets, what is the worst that they will lose, a stack or two of savoury flesh…!? I just rescue Pets whenever needed.

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